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Jan 4, 2008 02:48 PM

Peppe is OFF MY LIST!

Went to Peppe last weekend and enjoyed our pizza very much!
Unfortunately, we just called for DELIVERY and they refused us because we were too far, and they wouldn't just deliver a PIE!
I spoke directly to the owner PEPPE , and told them that their menu clearly states a $10 minimum and when I asked them last weekend if they deliver to Union Street they said "Of Course"....
Now Peppe is telling me he "plays it by ear" when and where they want to deliver.
Now lets see, this place is TINY with 4 stools and a counter and MOST of their business is take out AND delivery, so wouldn't a smart business owner organize so that he had enough man power to deliver to all of Park Slope?

On the bright side, the very lovely and amazing MIKEY (the man who actually makes all that delicious pizza) called us just minutes ago to apologize! What a sweetheart! This man deserves his own pizza parlor!
I would follow him to any pizza joint!
Too bad! We were going to be a very regular customer!

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  1. Mike is a great guy, and he makes a hell of a grandma pie. I came down hard on them a couple of months ago, but I think that they have refined their products a little. They also READ CHOWHOUND. Don't be surprised if they change their policy having read your post.

    When Di Fara is too chaotic, disappointed, I usually drive to Pepe's on my way home. I really am not crazy about any of their usual pies...but the grandma is a killer. I love that garlic and slightly sweet tomato sauce, and the consistency of the dough. It is never overcooked or undercooked, because Mike pays attention. I agree. Mike is tops. Give them another chance for his sake, and don't fall into the 'pizza arc' (as a previous post termed it).

    Pretty soon JFores, Famdoc, and Woodside Al should be chiming in.

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    1. re: NYJewboy

      I tried the square grandma pie, along with a white slice, and still don't understand this place getting any extra attention over what your average neighborhood place would get. The crust had no flavor or body, the sauce wasn't memorable, and the cheese was the standard gluey stuff used by every other independent pizzeria around. I just don't get the kudos for this place.

      1. re: Peter Cuce

        I'm with you, Peter Cuce. I got delivery from Peppe's right before the holidays. After seeing the raves, I ordered the Grandma's Pizza, and sadly, it was not very good. The sauce was more crushed tomatoes than an actual "sauce." And the crust wasn't anything to write home about. The owners seemed nice and I wanted the pizza to be good, I really, really did.

        Maybe I'll give them another chance once the buzz dies down a bit and they get more into their groove. Hope you guys have better pizza luck!

        1. re: biscuitsngravy

          I think the grandma is the best they have going for them. It's not in the same supercluster as DiFara's but it's good. I shave some extra parm on top and add fresh basil and it really improves the taste.

          I must say that the next day a cold slice of the grandma is even better.

          I agree that the sauce does need some work and it does just seem like crushed tomatoes. I think their seasoning needs some work in general. One day I went in and the very nice owner (Mikey?) offered me a taste of a soup he was making. The veggies were fresh and it was good but it had no flavor. I wanted to say "taste this and see if it needs some salt" but I didn't want to be a cock.

          As for the delivery...Prospect to Union is a pretty long haul for some poor Mexican kid to make on a bike. When they've delivered to me I've never seen a car.

    2. samersoya
      Since they have a stated $10 min delivery policy, I'm certainly not saying what you were told was right, but with the price of gas going up almost daily and the difficulty getting reliable drivers, it's becoming more difficult to maintain delivery service, especially for small orders. Delivery people basically work for tips so it's just not worth their gas to deliver a $10 order and receive a $1, or $2 tip unless they are doing "rapid fire" delivery within a small radius. Brooklyn is so competitive, If the Owner can do enough business on pick up,very local delivery and large delivery orders he may not be able to afford to maintain his current delivery policy. Unfortunately, what he may have to do is up his minimum for delivery.

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      1. re: Tay

        samer, try to newly opened peppino's on 5th ave(and 11th). they'll bring you a decent pie.

        1. re: TBird

          Peppino's not delivering yet - hopefully soon.

          1. re: Roxy9

            I was at Peppe's on Saturday and overheard the owner (?) speaking with a customer about their delivery policy. Basically he said that he decides orders beyond the immediate vicinity on an individual basis depending on how busy they are and the size of the order. He was very open about this policy.

            1. re: elecsheep9

              That's fine . He's entitled to make up the rules governing his business, but to generate good will and a loyal customer base, he really needs to postt the store's policy as well as include it on his takeout menu's. It would be very annoying call in an order only to be told it isn't large enough (AKA: costly enough) to qualify for delivery. The Owner should either decide on a price point and stick with it, or post the "Depends" Policy

            2. re: Roxy9

              Have you been there yet? Where does it fall in the Anthony's to Franny's to Lucali's brick oven field?

              This is for Peppino's (some reason Chow bumped it to the bottom taking it totally out of context)

              1. re: pastoralia

                I think the Bay Ridge Peppino's pizza is far better than Anthony's and Franny's. As a brick pizza lover, I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't been to Lucali's yet. I've only had the pasta so far at the PS Peppino's branch (puttanesca which was flavorful and very satisfying), so can't say yet if the PS pizza equals the bay ridge. A friend had it, really liked it, but said it was a little saucier and not quite at their Bay Ridge pie level. I think the owner's father (who ran/owned Aniello's, the regular pizza joint that was in that space) made that pie and he's used to making the non-brick oven style pizza - maybe why it was a little less crisp and saucier? Keep in mind that I really like a dry, crisp bottom - no wet parts and a nicely charred crust. Therefore, I don't usually get toppings as any topping moistens the pie. Often times at brick oven places, I ask them to go light on the sauce. Anyway, try this place - I think it will be well worth your while.

                1. re: Roxy9

                  And you, my friend, must go to Lucali's. Remember- they are closed on Tuesdays and open at six on the other days. Everytime I go it has been a perfect dining experience. Don't forget to bring your beverage of choice.

                  I'll try Peppino's as soon as I lose some of my "winter weight"

                  1. re: pastoralia

                    Great - when you try, report back. Had a perfect pie there tonight (at Peppino's not to be confused with Peppe's!). And yes, Lucali's for me asap, winter weight notwithstanding.

                    1. re: Roxy9

                      I just went to Peppino's on Sunday. Check out my post in the Peppino's Park Slope thread. It was very good.


        2. The original comment has been removed