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Jan 4, 2008 02:45 PM

Cheap restaurants in 4th, 5th, 6th?

My husband and I are traveling to Paris March 4-9 and will be on a tight budget staying in the Marais district. The dollar is so weak now, I can't imagine spending 100 euro for a dinner which some people on this board have described spending like it's a deal! Can anyone recommend some decent places at really reasonable prices? I don't want to have to mortgage our house! But I do want to sample some good food in Paris.

We'll also be celebrating a 50th birthday and would love a suggestion for a lovely restaurant for one night.


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  1. A couple of my favorite cheaper but still good restaurants are:
    Le Trumilou, 84 quai de l'Hotel de Ville (just a couple blocks east of Hotel de Ville on the Seine). It's not in the 4-6th, but close to the Marais. They have very good classic French food. Not fancy but the real thing. All though some of their menu is pricier, they have 16.50 euro 2 course prix fix and I think 19euros for 3 courses. The choices on the prix fix change every day. If they have the tarte provencal appitizer, be sure to go for that. They also have decent house bordeaux for 9eu for 3/4 of a bottle. Family run, pleasant, etc., etc. To get a table in the more fun bustling side, be their by 8:30 and then watch it fill up around you, or make a reservation ( They are open on Sundays, which is nice.

    The 6th is a pricey area, but a good bargain there is Restaurant du Petit St. Benoit. Very old, very casual, family run and good classic French food. They're closed Sundays. 4,rue St. Benoit, near the trendy and pricey area around St. Germain church, so you can walk past expensive Brasserie Lipp and overpriced Cafe Flore, etc. and then have a good meal at Petit St. Benoit. Reservations wouldn't hurt just cause it's small.

    Have fun!

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        For lunch, one of my favourite places in Paris (and thus the world) is the Au Sauvignon wine bar on the corner of Rue du Four and Rue des Saints-Peres. It is certainly nothing fancy, but serves excellent simple sandwiches on Poilane bread (think sausage, ham, country pate), a great plate of foie gras, nice cheeses from Barthelemey and lovely tartes for dessert. Cheap, easy and great people watching.

        You might also want to try Juveniles in the 1st (another wine bar, run by the folks who own Willi's) for lunch, though I remember having dinner there ~10 years ago as well.

        A great value option for dinner will be L'Os a Moelle - their prix fixe menu is outstanding.

      2. There are plenty of excellent and reasonably priced place in the Marais. Here are a few:

        Le Dos de la Baleine, 40, rue des Blancs Manteaux (possible b'day pick).

        Auberge de Jarente, 7, rue Jarente (fixed price menus include wine, making it a particularly good value).

        Chez Janou, 2, rue Roger Verlomme, 75003 Paris - 01 42 72 28 41.

        Le Petit Picard at 42, Rue de la Bretonnerie.

        L’Epouvantail, 6, rue de Jarente.

        Several places on the Place St. Catherine and the rue de Turenne.

        In the 6th, Polidor, 41 rue Monsieur-le-Prince. Also, several places on rue Guisard.

        In the 5th, Les Pipos, 2 rue de l’ecole Polytechnique (very downscale).

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          Thanks Pilaf! We will definitely check out your suggestions!

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            How's the food at Les Pipos? I've been there many times, but always just for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

          2. Please report back after your trip. My husband and I will be in Paris in May and staying in the Marais as well.