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Jan 4, 2008 02:24 PM

Cafe Grenada

Let's be honest, I know I have good taste. In food especially. I like to eat it, cook it and even look at it and read about it. I have the extra 15lbs and credit card statements to prove it. So that bit of ridiculousness aside, trust me on this one.

Just got back from fourth trip for tapas. Carrolton, between Lebenon's Cafe and Nino. Phenomenal. Literally everything was good, I want to kiss the chef. Great staff and sangria, nice happy hour with $5 1/2 L carafes. Try the zuchini pockets, sopa de ameresco, carpaccio and eggplant stack. Good prices to boot and they play flamenco.

Worst thing about the place is it used to be called fiesta bistro and that made it tough to take seriously.

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  1. I like it, too. I avoided it for a long time after an initial bad impression (not bad food, just a too-huge menu, strange pricing and eh food), but have gone several times in the past year and really liked everything. They've revamped their menu to be primarily tapas, and the focus shows in the increased quality of the food. The calamari rates special notice.

    So it's all the same, they just changed the name?

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      Old name was a bit silly to say the least. Same owners, new menu which seems to evolve a bit. I think the owners might be the same as lebenon but who knows. chef was trained in montreal and nyc.

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        I have a friend who is a regular & she said, yes, same people owning & running the restaurant. Curious why they didn't start off this way. She said the food is now really good.

      2. I went recently for dinner with four people and we all loved the tapas we ordered. We didn't have any entrees, just a wide selection of the tapas. Has anyone tried their entrees, any suggestions if we go back (which we probably will)?

        1. My wife and I drive upfrom Baton Rouge and attempt to find a new place every Saturday. We went to Cafe Grenada and loved it. We ordered only tapas and enjoyed every one of them especially the carpaccio and the shrimp croquette and the little fried cheese balls(don't remember the actual name). Our server was goofy but cute and did a reasonable job. We asked for a couple of our favorite tapas that were not on theu and the chef said he would do them if we called ahead. I would really encourage people to go and support the place.

          1. I am in LOVE with this restaurant. I tried it initially after seeing an article in the Gambit and have gone back several times within the last two months (including twice in one week). Besides being right in my neighborhood, I love that it's quiet and reasonably priced. My favorites are the lamb chops and the cheese flambe, but I haven't had a tapa that I didn't like...and I've pretty much tried them all.

            Fiesta Bistro is pretty hilarious. I'm glad they put that name behind them.

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            1. re: hamsandwich

              This place really is fantastic. It has a great neighborhood restaurant kind of feel to it, and the food is amazing. It's the sort of restaurant New Orleans needs more of (neighborhood places serving great food that isn't po-boys). Love the croquetas de queso with mango ginger sauce, and the duck confit is excellent. The level of execution is on par with top restaurants. Very highly recommended.

              1. re: mikemill

                CROQUETTAS DE GAMBA: shrimp/crab cakes, bechamel, crumb coated, fried with red pepper puree. Good flavor combo, one of their better offerings. We ordered another.

                MUSSELS in spicy red sauce: nice portion size, bread for moping the spicier than you'd expect sauce. very good.

                ZUCCHINI POCKETS: thin slices rolled around smoked salmon and one liked these.

                HOT EGGPLANT STACK: with balsamic reduction, sounds better than it tastes.

                BEEF EMPANADAS: merely ok

                POTATAS BRAVAS: very good preparation of a standard, plenty of sauce

                CHEESE/FRUIT PLATE: swan apples, grapes, COLD cheese , Bleu,brie manchego served with a tasteless yellow sauce. Not great quality cheeses but for the price, fair.

                CHEESE CROQUETTAS: 4 very tiny goat cheese balls served with the above mentioned yellow sauce. Not nearly as good as the excellent ones Mimi's serves.

                SANGRIA: watery, nothing like Lolas
                BLOODY MARY: was ok
                4 diners, $60 pre tip

                1. re: JazzyB

                  had a very similar sampling and opinion of the same items, but also had their lamb chops which were very good that night.