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Jan 4, 2008 02:18 PM

Lunch at Jane...Recs?

I made a reservation for lunch at Jane (on Houston Street). Can anyone recommend some good selections? I looked a the menu and there is so much that looks good, I wonder if it is all good, or if some choices are better than others.

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  1. Not EXACTLY an answer to your question, but I had brunch there New Year's Day & was underwhelmed. Service was slow and apathetic (could've been due to staff hangovers), and the room looked a little tattered. You know when you check into a hotel room and can't help notice that the drapes are frayed and there are chips in the veneer? Like that.

    My baked eggs arrived both cool and overcooked - the daily double of eh. The coffee was very good, as was the bloody mary, the home fries, and the strawberry butter that came with the bread.

    What was my point? Oh, right. I hope you have a better experience.

    1. I have to echo small h's response. Had brunch there once and never ever thought about going back for dinner.


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        The bloody mary will be the best part of your meal.

      2. Just to clarify,this is for a weekday lunch, not for brunch. So I probably won't be getting the bloody Mary, but I wonder if the fact that is will be lunch on a weekday, and not a brunch on a weekend might change things?

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          I ate there a couple of years ago and enjoyed the meal. I can't remember what I ordered for my main course (I think it was either beef or tuna carpaccio, but they arent on the current menu so I might be mistaken). However, I do remember having the wild mushroom soup, which had been recommended on this board, and it was terrific. I've read lots of posts touting the burger as well. Our service was fine. Hope you're not disappointed.

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            I haven't been there in a few years, but I remember it being quite good. Again, this probably won't help you, but I also recall that they make excellent martinis.