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Jan 4, 2008 02:11 PM

Spiceman's FM 1410

Does anyone know how to get on his email list? Do I need to make a trip to Jimmy's and sign up at his store? Has/Does anyone frequent the store? I have seen several posts/web pages/blogs about what he carries and it looks worth a trip (most of the posts old). Does anyone know of another person doing what Mr. Spicer is doing, but in the Northern Suburbs/Tarrant County? I am not trying to suggest anything but a shorter drive for us in Northern Collin/Denton and Tarrant counties

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  1. Try e-mailing him at to get on his e-mail list.

    1. I just went this weekend for the first time. I've passed it up several times because, frankly, it's very dark and looks closed. Also, there are no signs of vegetables being present at a glance. However, if you go in an engage them in conversation you'll find all kinds of hidden treasures. Here's what I got...
      13 oz of Texas grown extra virgin, unfiltered, olive oil. Yummy!
      1 lb of mushrooms, mix of hen-o-the-woods, morels and hedgehogs
      1 black truffle
      2 tiny heads of Peruvian grown baby lettuces
      1 big bag of mixed salad greens that they put together that morning
      Cost approx $50.
      Might sound like a lot of money. But, the products are just so good that I really felt like they were worth the money. Far better than what is available at Central Market, in most cases. I will definitely be going back soon. Plus, it's great because it's right around the corner from Jimmy's and I can hit them both in one trip. Sadly, Jimmy's has very little to offer in the way of produce. But, killer prices on cheeses and ethnic items.

      Did you sign up for his mailing list? I'm dying to try some ramps. But, they weren't in stock yet when I was there yesterday...

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          I am a subscriber!!! Great stuff there also

      1. Where is this magical place you speak of? this is the first I have heard of it

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          Tom Spicer's shop 'Spiceman's FM 1410' is located at 1410 North Fitzhugh Avenue, near Bryan. Monday thru Saturday 1am - 5pm, Sunday 11am - 6pm. Imho, The best fresh produce in Dallas.

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            He only carries mostly SOLE (sustainable, organic, local, eithical) items. He only buys the fruit for growers he knows and likes the taste of the fruits, veggies, herbs, or fungi. He is a bit pricier than most but the quality and taste is far superior to anything that you can find in Dallas. If you know where Jimmy's Food Store is on Bryan & Fitzhugh then Tom is about 3 doors down along Bryan. He doesn't have much yet to speak of except for greens, herbs and fungi. I would sign up for the newsletter so you can find out what he has fresh and what days the shipments will be coming they go fast...have to best the local chefs to the stuff!!

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              As was said above, he is pricey but worth it and sometimes the local chefs get all the best stuff but go. Last weekend there was not much but greens and mushrooms but his mushrooms are fabulous. Most of the time they will throw in some herbs to compliment your produce. Take a container to put the olive oil in. It is about as fresh an olive oil as you can get here and delicious. Sometimes he is out on deliveries but most of the time someone is there. You can always go in Jimmys to wait and shop.