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Apr 8, 2001 04:30 PM

Delmonico's Seafood Grille, Pico location

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Planning a special dinner for four and cocktail hout for 8. Coming from airport straight to a restaurant. Trying to find good seafood and pleasant environment without over spending for what we get. Any feedback about this place would be very helpful. My son doesn't have the money as a grad student to go to restaurants and I am crazed reading reviews off the net. THANKS for your help.

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    Ronald Bernheim

    one of my fav rest. they take good care you and it's not super expensive

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      Ronald Bernheim

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I didn't think Gladstone's was like it's former self (my last visit in the 1980s!!); couldn't chance the quality at The Reel Inn, either. Delmonico's is the appropriate setting for a special celebration and it sounds like the food is also quite good. Thanks.

    2. We had one of the worst meals so far this year at Delmonico's. Fish that was not fresh, and over-cooked. It was pretty rank - even our cats ran away. Everything else was over salted. Service was nothing to write home about. We will never go back, and have talked to others with similar experiences. Go to Ocean Avenue Seafood in Santa Monica for fresh fish.

      1. I reluctantly took some out of town guests to Delmonico's (it fit their hunger criteria as well as convenient on way to airport) a few weeks ago...I was afraid it would be tres Sizzler-esque. However, we had a very good meal - oysters (bummer they didn't mention only 6 to an least they had a nice selection), chowder, salads, lamb and fish from the menu. Wine and champagne selections were fine. We sat in one of their very private booths for four and felt quite tucked away from the world.

        The only glaring flaw was the inattentive service. It wasn't "get-up-and-leave" bad, but it was a drag.