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Jan 4, 2008 01:39 PM

Simple fish/seafood recipes please

As part of South Beach diet, looking to incorporate more fish/seafood in diet. Living in Ohio, we don't have access to lots of fresh fish/seafood, but do have TJs and Whole Foods and other options for variety. Haven't eaten a lot of fish/seafood in past because DH is Mr. Meat & Potatoes (or fowl). Very leery of bony fish or strongly flavored fish. Please give suggestions for fish to try other than obvious salmon. Tilapia and tuna are featured in grocery ads this week. What do I do with this? Thanks in advance for help!

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  1. 1. Poach in teriyaki either tuna steaks (cut cross-wise, few to no small bones) or tilapia fillets. Teriyaki is soy sauce, bit of sugar, white wine, lots of grated ginger. Poach lightly with skin on.

    2. Tilapia steaks in an Asian hot and sour or miso soup; or in a Mexican style soup; or in a lemon and coconut milk Thai style soup.

    3. Tuna steaks seared in bit of butter and olive oil, finished with a splash of lemon juice and white wine.

    4. Grilled teriyaki tuna steaks (after marinading).

    5. Whole tilapia en papilote (sp?)

    6. Whole steamed tilapia finished by topping with topped shallots, fried garlic, and ginger; and pouring over a molten mix of toasted sesame oil, soy sauce, and touch of honey, and chopped chili.

    7. Deep fried tilapia fillets dredged in light coating of flour or corn meal and lots of curry powder.

      1. Whole steamed trout (available at Whole Foods). Beautiful and tasty!

        1. am not real sure what the SB diet entails, but i make a pretty good salad with grilled sliced tuna atop of greens, julienne snow peas, broccoli slaw, etc asian-type ingredients, dressed with bottled or home-made asian or sesame dressing, and garnished with peanuts.

          1. Since you mentioned TJ's, they have frozen flounder stuffed with crab. Just broil and it's a winner.