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sushi anyone

best sushi places in montreal

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    1. I like kanda sushi. they have 3 locations. one downtown on bishop, one somewhere on queen mary, and one out in the west island on St jean's. it's between 19.99 - 23.99 all you can eat. it's a la carte..not a buffet and it's good.

      (just because you pay $80 for 2 for sushi - doesnt make it good.)

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        Oh, I'm sorry, but we went accidentally went to Kanda Sushi on Queen Mary and it was the biggest sushi mistake of my life. Every single selection tasted like absolutely nothing. People were scoffing the stuff down like there was no tomorrow, and quantity definitely won out over quality. We agreed we'd have been much happier spending twice as much and getting 6X the quality.

        We finally tried Mikado on Monkeyland, and have been back twice since.

        1. re: Kryster

          I really despise the sushi at Kanda on Bishop. Terrible, dried out stuff. Blergh.

          In that area, I much prefer sushi Kanto in the Faubourg. The selection is meager but what they do make is delicious and fresh.

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            Gotta ditto that, although I had some ok experiences at Kanda on Bishop.

            I love Kanto, its incredibly good. I wish they were open later :(

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              I just wanted to update this since the last time I went to Kanto the guy there showed me the menu card that he hides under counter. There's actually much more selection than I thought. You're not limited to the rolls that are up on the boards.

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                I think Kanda on Bishop is the best deal on good sushi in town. That's if you do the 80 cent! take out menu. Yup, 80 cents! Had to work this weekend so I picked up sushi on the way home tonight. 20 pieces of fresh sushi for $16. Their turnover is so high you always get fresh fish. It's made to order not the crap you get at sushi shop etc.. It's not perfect but by far the best bang for the buck sushi wise I've encountered.
                Had to really expend far to much energy to get the bill right though. She'd (innocently) overcharged me by about $5 and just couldn't get the calculations right. She was new. I hope the pro is still there because she fronts the restaurant really well.

            2. Kaizen is consistently rated #1 in the city, but that doesn't necessarily make it the best. I've never been, but I imagine it has something going for it if it's consistently rated so highly.

              My favorite that I've been too so far is Miso, which is on St. Catherine's right by the Atwater stop. It's more of a fusion restaurant than strictly Japanese, but they do have good food.

              As for a volonte experiences, it's hard to really recommend any of them... I've been slowly working my way through them all and haven't really found that's particularly good. I've returned to Odaki on St. Laurent simply because they have mackerel (my favorite) and soft shell crab on the menu, but they also have a maki roll that combines spicy mayo and rice krispies, so it's hard to give them too much credit.

              1. I kind of have to agree that all you can eat sushi does not hold a lot of appeal for me. If I'm doing sushi, quality has to be key. And very few all you can eat places put quality over quantity.

                I like Tri Express, I thought it is very good. I have been a little disappointed by Mikado on Laurier of late. It used to be my favorite. And recently, we had a great meal at Takara (4th floor of Les Cours Mont Royal). We went with friends who are regulars, and they let the chef choose everything. We had some great appetizers, including a cooked oyster appetizer that was out of this world. We also had a fabulous hot pot, kind of like the ones they feed the sumo wrestlers. The sashimi was very fresh and very tasty. I was not as big a fan of the rolls, but they were certainly acceptable. They just weren't the best I've ever had.

                Unfortunately, I have been spoiled by some really great sushi in Vancouver, and now I am not as excited by the Montreal sushi scene. Better for my pocket book, I suppose. But I kind of feel, what is the point of eating substandard sushi? I'd rather eat it less often and really enjoy the experience. Especially since it is expensive. The quality/price ratio is a funny thing.

                Now, there is a really great little place in Westmount Square that I happily eat at. There is a fruit and vegetable store/florist run by the Kims. They also have a lunch counter. They have a really great sushi special for around $17 with 14 assorted pieces, some rolls, some sashimi. It comes with a gigantic fresh salad with a nice asian style housemade vinagrette. The sushi is very fresh and delicious, and aesthetically pleasing.I haven't been disappointed yet! The whole thing is quite filling. Very high quality/price ratio for my money! And Mrs. Kim (of course they are Korean) makes really great kimchi, one of the best I've had in the city. If you get to know them (or if you are Korean), and if they have it around, they will sometimes give you some to go along with your meal... I keep on trying to convince them to sell the stuff, it is pretty good kimchi! But so far, they save it for staff meals....

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                  Agree that the Laurier Mikado has loss some of its lustre recently (don't eat there frequently enough to know when it started sliding). However, the Monkland outlet has been consistently solid in my experience, especially for the more traditional sushi I find appealing.

                  My favourite source of sushi remains Sushi Volant. Unfortunately, it's takeout only and never offers a huge variety. But the fish and shellfish are fresh and the rice is superb.

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                    The one on Rachel? will have to give it a try next time I am near Parc lafontaine. thanks for the tip!

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                      Sushi Volant is good, but I never understood their "call us 5 hours ahead" thing. I rarely know what I want to have for dinner most days until the last minute, so I always end up picking something from their fridge or trying Tataki if I don't want to eat refrigerated sushi (Duluth and Buillon I believe, decent but nothing spectacular). The end result is not bad, but I prefer something made to order, not something sitting in the fridge for long. I know they are a small business with minimal number of employees, and I don't mind waiting for an hour to get my order if necessary; but 5 hours call ahead time (they ask you to call a day in advance for the weekends) for takeout sushi is just a mystery to me. We are not talking about a 12 hour braised short ribs, or a two day cassoulet here.

                      1. re: emerilcantcook

                        I always assumed it had something to do with properly thawing the right amount of fish. It is definitely worth ordering a day ahead if you know you are having an occasion. And at busy times I've picked up a big order of sushi at noon that I then put int he fridge till dinner .. Valentine's Day, for example. Very busy at Sushi Volant.

                        1. re: emerilcantcook

                          I was looking for some sushi in my neighborhood as I've recently moved away from my usual place (Bleu Caramel) and tried Tataki. I was really hesitant to try as the store front looks like a not-so-great take out place but-it was really good sushi at a reasonable price. The use of mint in one of the rolls was super refreshing and unexpected, as well a maki we tried with eggplant. So, I'd say its definately worth a try! Appearances can be deceiving!

                      2. re: moh

                        I finally tried Tri Express, and it was really good. I had the omakase, and the fish was extremely fresh, flavors were clean, combinations were creative but not bizzaro (once I had some roll with banana slices at NYC) and the rice was right. No doubt the best I've had so far in the city, I can even say one of the best ones I've had North America (or perhaps my sushi standards have been lowered by the many mediocre places around town). So far so good, however, the service was extremely fast: so fast that they would start bringing new courses just a minute after we started our previous one. I know the name itself says "express", and we have been warned that our seating is only reserved for an hour an a half; but it took us 50 minutes to get in, order (ordering took longer than the time between some courses), pay, and get out. We are kind of fast eaters, but this was even too fast for us. Mind you, this covered a five course dinner, not just a bunch of rolls and nigiri.

                        I think this turned out to be the most expensive per minute meal I have ever had. But the food was so good, I can't wait to try it at a slower time.

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                          Hey, so I understand that this post is from two years ago, but I was just at Sushi Kim in Westmount Square today and the sashimi and everything else was just as fresh as moh has mentioned. And it's still $15 (w/out tax) for a 14-piece combo, with sashimi, hosomaki, and one maki roll. Ooh and a generous salad with that minced ginger vinaigrette often at Japanese places. Worth checking out, it's a great option for those looking for quality but still a quick meal.

                          Westmount Square
                          , Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

                          1. re: torontrealais

                            Thanks for the report back torontrealais, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your meal there. I find their food very good quality for the price. It is always very fresh. It is probably my favorite place to eat in Westmount square.

                        2. I think that an important omission is Jun I on Laurier. In my humble opinion, it is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Even the temperature at which the "sushi" is served leads to a much more pleasurable experience. As a side note, I cannot say that I am as enthused by their appetizers and desserts. They are of the "inventive that does not quite work" variety for the most part. But, nevertheless, THE place to go in Montreal for sushi.

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                            Probably worth repeating. But it is recommended several times in the thread mainsqueeze linked to in the first reply in this thread.

                          2. Best sushi place is .... home...

                            Not directly related, but I have to give props to United Seafood on Des Grandes Prairies in Anjou (corner Langelier) for the quality of their fish.

                            I had some REAL imported Japanses rice and they really come through on the fish side. Great organic salmon and Tuna that REALLY tasted like something.

                            They also had nice and large pacific oysters for only 75c each! + all the rest of their goodies. (including Quebec bred sturgeon caviar)

                            So for all you do-it-yourself-ers, make the trip. For those who've never made sushi, it's quite easy (but somewhat time consuming if dining alone, so make ti for at least 2, 4, 6 firends or more.

                            1. I tried, with some friends, Zen Ya (st-catherine west) last friday.

                              The setting is nice, dark brown colors, pale beige and low lighting; two large low tables at the front, and a large restaurant at the back, this place is big!!.

                              as for the food, I found it acceptable, there were tons of "specials" that evening, some small clams, fresh baby calmars (if I remember), rolls of all sorts.

                              For myself, I went for sashimi; all was fresh and tasty; I also had the "salmon flan" (or side ) wich was very good.

                              Desert were humongous.

                              in summary, a good experience except for the bass thumping from the bar downstairs; good service good food.

                              1. I really like Yakata on Cote des Neiges (right outside the metro station). The inside looks a little tacky, hardly decorated but the sushi is great, always satisfying/filling! They have a wide variety and the rest of the menu is great too (noodles, soups, etc for non-sushi fans) Plus there's a lot of people who go without it being overcrowded. :)

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                                  We were out grocery shopping and stopped for lunch at Sushi 111 at Mont-Royal near St-Laurent, remembering that some friends had recommended it. They have an enormous assortment of possible rolls so I randomly selected three and when our order arrived there was a little surprise of a sushi/deep fried roll included as well. Oh, I see on their takeout menu that they give you 6 hosomakis free with each order over $7, chef's choice, that explains it.

                                  The rolls were very good, very fresh, not too much rice, a few inside/outside rolls, ie. smoked salmon on the outside, spicy salmon on the inside. That particular roll with eight pieces was only $5.95. So all in all, interesting selection and a good deal. Ambiance was rather odd as their fridge for juice and boxes was making more noise than a snow plough and when I asked them about it they didn't hear me (of course). But definitely worth trying their takeout and delivery. (And I'm picky since we get sushi from Sushi Volant regularly.)

                                  1. re: Plateaumaman

                                    sushi 111 is definately one of the top 3 sushi places i've eaten at. i live really close to it so it's convenient, and you get your moneys worth. considering sushi shop, and about two or three other sushi restos are near it, the prices are decent and they fill the rolls up really generously :)

                                    also, if you become a regular at 111, they tend to give you two or three free rolls whenever you pick up or eat there. the people are sweet and the foods delicious, i honestly can't eat sushi elsewhere without feeling a little bit guilty.

                                    it' so gooood

                                    1. re: deafgirlslovemuteboys

                                      I tried Sushi 111 a couple of times, and were underwhelmed both times; but then again I am not a big fan of fried or overstuffed or over-complicated rolls. I prefer Tataki (on Duluth) if I am in the mood for affordable takeout sushi. They do some bit of flair as well, and I don't like when they add dill to their rolls (or tangerine, puhleezz), but I found their fish fresher and cleaner tasting.

                                  2. re: tiny.nerd

                                    Always wondered about that place, I live not too far from it, and have been meaning to try it.
                                    Know anything about Akido, I think it's called, also on CDN?

                                    1. re: devilishlyj

                                      Haven't tried Yakata's sushi in a year or so and there's a reason for that: the last couple of takeout sushi platters I had were a definite step down from the fairly high quality it offered in its first year or two of existence. While not bad for the 'hood, you can do better if you're willing to travel.

                                      Am unaware of any sushi bar called Akido on CDN. Atami is a popular spot above the CIBC branch on the corner of CDN and Édouard-Montpetit. Wildly inconsistent in my experience. The fish can be excellent but they also once served me the skankiest sea urchin roe I've ever encountered. Also, their rice is too sweet.

                                      IMO, the best spot in that general area is Masako on CDN just south of Queen Mary (near Boucherie Atlantique). Even so, you're best off travelling to Mile End (Jun-i), Monkland Village (Mikado) or the Plateau (Sushi Volant, Tri Express).

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                                        Atami, wth was I thinking...that's the one, yes.

                                  3. I strongly recommand Tri Express. Excellent and very good price. It is the only place I eat sushi now. I had a very bad experience at Kaizen: a lot of $$$$$ and it was really bad. I have try Mikado and other one... but now I'm returning always to Tri.

                                    1. Try Kajaki on Decarie in Ville St-Laurent. It's an AVV resto I found on apportezvotrevin.com. The sushi is great, nice modest decor, reasonalble price $$, good service with an SAQ express just next door. Well worth the trip!

                                      1. Although not in Montreal, Tomo in Rosemere is fantastic and delish....

                                        1. I like Ginza sushi on St. Denis between Mt. Royal and St. Joseph. (4593 rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2L4, (514) 904-0079, http://maps.google.ca/maps?ie=UTF-8&a...) It is a combination of all you can eat and a la carte restaurant. Very cozy place which offers a good food.

                                          If you can spend $100.00 a person on sushi in Montreal, good for you. I think your money will be better spent if you get on a plane and go to Tsukiji market to eat the real sushi personally.

                                          Montreal is not really on the ocean and does not have lot of population who supports the demand of good quality fish, and there are only limited number of fish whole seller. All fish come from pretty much the same source and they ain't as good as ones in Tokyo.

                                          Being a Japanese food stuck-up that I am, only thing I look for in Montreal sushi scene is a creativity and cost performance in the sushi. For me the best sushi in Montreal is a place you can enjoy the dining experience by good personable restaurant staff and interesting and creative rolls and appetizers.

                                          Ginza has a decent list of interesting sushi which happen to be very tasty. House Salad dressing is great. Fruit maki with chocolate sauce over it as a dessert cannot be found in Tokyo but it tastes darn great. You take octopus which is prepared by the chef, and not by factory, is tender yet chewy. You taste Yakitori, which is a chicken on skewer with teriyaki sauce. The summer roll with peanut sauce is a Vietnamese affaire but it really is great. The chef is very talented and very fun to look at his creation in the menu. He treats regulars very well and the regulars love going back to see new items on the menu in addition to the Ginza classic like vegetable roll, black mountain, red forest, and deep fried oysters.

                                          If you are for quantity, please don't come this place. You can get your 50 shrimp tempuras and 50 sashimis some other places and not bombard the kitchen with your order.

                                          What I hate about the other all you can eat place is everyone acts so rude and unrespectful. You are paying minimum and being that obnorxious is really embarrassing. Ginza has a share of these types but mostly you can enjoy very quality dining experience if you are into creative Sushi and rolls plus some great list of appetizers.

                                          Modesty should be a virtue at these all you can eat restaurants. You respect the restaurant and you get the respect back at this restaurant.

                                          Me and my partner have been enjoying our dining experience thanks to the owner/chef Kai & Lilly. They will treat you with very personalized dining experience and I hope this place will get more recognitions by the quality foodies in Montreal.

                                          1. Just had Jun I last night and really enjoyed it. All the recommendations turned out to be true, though I found the appetizer (the squid, shrimp, etc. dish) very good. On a Saturday night at 8:30 the service took a long time, maybe 25-30 minutes which wasn't great, but the place was packed. The sushi we ordered was really quite incredible. Whatever subtle thing they did with the rice complimented the quality of the fish.
                                            For two people we had a salad and an appetizer, I got three sushi and a roll and my friend got, I think three rolls, and we had hot Saki, total around $87. I think because I reserved earlier that evening I got put in the back near the bathroom. Reserve early. It wasn't terribly, but it would have been nicer near the front. The amount of food was perfect.

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                                            1. re: GreenCheese

                                              I don't think reserving at any time counts for much at Jun I--a few of us waited for over 30 minutes for our "reserved" table with zero apologies, and when we told the host that we would bring our stomachs (and moulah) elsewhere he engaged us in a bit of an off-putting argument at the door as we walked out.

                                            2. oishii on bernard has incredible sushi but the service is really awful. its worth it for the food though. maiko on bernard is also very good.

                                              1. OK so who has the best sushi, freshness, service and ambience?
                                                (and adjacent to the metro)

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                                                1. re: tombombadillo

                                                  Mikado's Monkland branch, steps from Villa-Maria metro, is excellent.

                                                2. Anyone been to Bishoku on Bishop? A friend that has more than average interest in food has been raving about it, and before shelling out another 30 bucks for mediocre sushi I would like to ask for some board opinion. Merci!

                                                  1. My big issue with Montreal sushi, again, is the inexplicable need to make it into french food. In sushi, I want high quality, perfectly cut, fresh fish; perfectly cooked and seasoned (see: vinegar) rice; high quality nori; and that's it. I don't need it piled high on my plate with three sauces. It's an insult to the ingredient.

                                                    That being said, I like Osaka on Parc. So far, it's the most authentic sushi I have had in this city, good price, and none of the frills of the pseudo french-sushi places. The fish is not amazing when compared to international standards but for Montreal, it's above average.

                                                    I m going to try Tri Express and I Juni and report back.


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                                                      Yes, I am replying to myself! =D

                                                      I have to report back about Jun I. I went last night at opening and the sushi ranged from good to fantastic. This is the first time that I have had properly seasoned sushi rice in Canada east of the prairies.

                                                      The Sashimi entree was a selection of 6 types of fish each with their own dipping sauce which, to my surprise, beautifully complemented each fish. The Arctic Char was the best of the bunch. My wife ordered the foie gras maki and it's the only thing that we ate that I would not recommend to anyone. It's not the fault of the kitchen, because it's exactly as advertised, but it's just not a very good combination. Go figure. The nigiri were all great and again, the Arctic Char was the best. The maguro was the only fish which was more or less okay, every other fish was well above the normal standard. The rolls were delicate and very nice.

                                                      Overall, yes, it's a bit pricey, but well well worth it. I am ecstatic to have found this place.


                                                      1. re: The Chemist

                                                        I have probably tried every sushi place in montreal, south and north shore, west and east... and NOTHING compares to the freshness and authenticaty of Jun I on Laurier. The owner/chef (Jun I) was the top chef at the once very famous Soto's sushi in old montreal. Trust me, the sushi is very traditional, very fresh. Don't forget to ask the waiter is there are any seasonal special fish that aren't on the menu. And if your waiter happens to be Jonathan or Ped you'll have the best service ever!

                                                      2. Maiko on Bernard street, Yoko on Jean-Talon in the est and Torii sushi in laval...

                                                        1. Since we're in the sushi thread, what do people make of Mikasa (L'Acadie and Sauvé) and of Kyoto (Décarie, 3 blocks south of Cote-Vertu)?

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                                                          1. re: areacode514

                                                            I went to that specific Mikasa once about 2 years ago and I thought it was very good. I have never heard of Kyoto.

                                                            1. re: areacode514

                                                              Mikasa (the one on L'Acadie) is my favorite sushi restaurant in Montreal... very good. Never heard of Kyoto either.

                                                              1. re: areacode514

                                                                I just joined, so this is maybe a bit late, but I've been going to Kyoto for years. I've been to many of the places mentioned on this thread and I highly recommend Kyoto. I'm going tonight, in fact.
                                                                Not only is their sushi fresh and very good quality, but their bento is quite good. A great variety of japanese cuisine. They only have a limited lunch menu though.

                                                                I will try the place on Laurier.

                                                              2. Never heard of Kyoto either. But amazing sushi place: Takara in Cours Mont-Royal on fifth floor.

                                                                1. Mikado on St Denis.
                                                                  A big value for the $
                                                                  Definitely my favorite.
                                                                  I ate there about 10 times and took out about 10 times also, never been deceived.
                                                                  You can judge just by the ever perfectly picked avocado, mango. Every ingredients at his prime.
                                                                  Great spicy salmon & tuna.
                                                                  Lot's of non goberge sushi (read non cheap sushi).
                                                                  Excellent rice ratio(balance) and maki size not too big.
                                                                  One would eat there like a pig for around 30-35$ without wine! That would be me.

                                                                  1. Torontrealais, yes indeed this is an old post, but glad you revived it! There is such a gap in Montreal fine dining sushi restaurants compared to other major cities in North America. Does anyone remember Katsura in their 1990s heydays? They had such a great team of executive sushi chefs from the Prince Hotels in Japan who trained top local chefs who have since dispersed all over the place. The quality was truly exceptional and the fish so fresh. The knife work on their fish was incredible - you could see it on every cut of sashimi. And then Soto's sushi restaurants came along and did well too at the high end / fine dining sushi segment (but they were expensive!), but then they closed. What happened to Soto? In my opinion, I think Jun-I on Laurier is probably the best sushi restaurant in Montreal these days - innovative sushi that is well presented, fresh fish, attentive service and very nice surroundings. The chef-owner was one of the head chefs at Soto.

                                                                    400 Boul Du Seminaire N, Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC J3B5L2, CA

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                                                                    1. re: Jasper1

                                                                      Jasper1, I would wholeheartedly agree that Jun-I is one of the best in Montreal now. Their sushi/sashimi are close to the otherworldly experiences I've had in Vancouver. Well worth the price, if you don't mind opening the wallet for great fish.

                                                                    2. does anyone have any recommendations for a decently priced best value sushi place? i'm a starving student who is desperate for some good sushi, don't mind if its not the best like jun i, but i tried sushi 7 a couple of weeks ago by concordia and it definitely was NOT worth it, despite the cheap price.

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                                                                      1. re: sharkbait88

                                                                        That's too bad. Somebody reported a few weeks ago how good it was for the price.

                                                                        1. re: hungryann

                                                                          i ordered a 15 piece maki combo, probably the only "real" sushi pieces were one topped with salmon and the other with shrimp, besides that the rest were basically just seaweed, rice and various "fillers" such as a typical california roll with sprinkling of fish eggs. i think that person ordered the chirashi plate though, which probably offered more of an opportunity to actually taste the fish freshness etc.
                                                                          but i am judging based on my various sushi experiences in asia and southern california so i guess take it with a grain of salt

                                                                        2. re: sharkbait88

                                                                          please, oh please try 'ocean sushi'' (corner st-urbain and des pins). the cheapest prices i have ever seen and their sushi is absolutely devine (and extremely generous in their HUGE fish:rice ratio).

                                                                          1. re: emdub

                                                                            will do...i will try this weekend and report back..thx for the info cause I am always looking for great sushi

                                                                            1. re: emdub

                                                                              Tried Ocean Sushi last night. Definetly would not of tried it if it werent for your recommendation as it does look very sketchy. It wasnt the best Ive ever had but definetly did the trick, the fish to rice ratio was very good, and the prices were reasonable. Id go back and try it again.

                                                                              1. re: jay_81k

                                                                                I lived practically across the street, and now down the street, and never tried it. As you said looks sketchy. No sign of prices (or even hours?) in the window, never had a flyer delivered, never met anyone who ate there. But if you say it's worth trying, I will sometime and will report back.

                                                                                1. re: Shattered

                                                                                  When I tried it again I realised that the fish was not fresh at all. Dont think Ill be going back

                                                                          2. Does anyone know if Queen Sushi on Queen Mary has closed? Their telephone is disconnected.

                                                                            Queen Sushi Restaurant
                                                                            4999 Ch Queen-Mary, Montreal, QC H3W1X4, CA

                                                                            Queen Mary Restaurant
                                                                            5504 Ch Queen-Mary, Montreal, QC H3X1V6, CA