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Jan 4, 2008 01:06 PM

BVI's on a boat

We will be in the BVI's first week of March on a catamaran. any recommendations for first night dinner on Tortola. The Marina is in West End or West Road....cant remember which. And any other rec's for food shopping and dining?

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  1. Not sure if there is a supermkt in the West End but you'll definately find them in Roadtown. Best place for local food IMO is C & S in Roadtown. Have fun.

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      Road Town! That is where we will be! So C and S is the market there then? What about a good rec for first night dinner and/or drinks??

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        No. C & S is the restaurant to go to. There's a supermarket in town. Just ask around.

    2. We've visited the BVI's several times over the years and have found the site below to have been very useful. Hope you enjoy the islands.

      go to:

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        Great info! Because I have so many more questions that arent foor related! Counting down the days!

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          Make sure to get to Foxy's on Jost van Dyke during your sail.

      2. My husband and I stayed in Tortola several years ago and upon our host's recommendation we tried a place in Road Town called the Roti Palace.

        It was by far the most delicious and original local food we had while we were there.
        We both had lobster roti's.
        The place is run essentially by a local lady and you sit in a small room and watch her make them in the kitchen which is part of the dining room, you feel as if you're eating at someone's grandmother's!

        1. The Jolly Roger is wonderful and fun-right on the water.

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            Are they still doing the Friday night bar-b-q?

          2. The Sugar Mill Hotel has a restaurant owned and operated by Jinx & Jeff Morgan; long time food writers, contributing editors and columnists of Bon Appetit magazine. I've stopped in there for a quick tour and drink. Very small, intimate resort. There's a menu and info on their website. It may be too far for you to travel at night from the marina. Some of those roads are windy and twisty.