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Jan 4, 2008 12:59 PM

dinner for 4 ideas... we're having some friends over on Sunday. I am definitely making ham and potato soup (cream)
I'm not sure about:
should I put veggies in the soup or on the side
if i did in it would be: carrots and celery, corns, green beans..
if on the side: carrots or corn
Then, what do I serve with it? I know I'd add a salad.
I don't want to just do cold cuts...any ideas?

and dessert: i was thinking some apple crisp...other ideas?


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  1. I would put the veggies in the soup if you are serving a salad along side. Sounds like ham and potato soup with cream might be a rib sticker so maybe all you need to round the meal out would be a nice cheese plate. Apple crisp sounds lovely.

    1. I second an apple dessert of some kind.
      I would skip the green beans.Sounds like soup is hearty. Maybe make some cornbread.

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      1. re: stellamystar

        thanks..i think I'll throw some carrots, i think I'll skip the celery and put a few green beans in the soup instead. and then I think I'll do some light dinner rolls and a few cheeses.. Maybe the cheeses that I use in the soup to incorporate the flavor a bit more.
        Either way, I'm gonna make some stock out of the ham bone and use some of the stock to cook the potatoes in and then reserve that for the soup. I think that'll get a good ham flavor in there.
        And then apple crisp for dessert.

        any ideas on wine selection?
        Thanks for the ideas...

        1. re: tdiprincess

          How about a pouilly fuisse...think it would go really nice

          1. re: millygirl

            Thanks guys for the ideas. I ended up making the soup, some rolls and a nice salad. And then I made apple crisp for dessert. Overall it all came out pretty good. I made some bacon bits for the garnish of the soup along with some shredded cheese. Everyone loved it and had seconds!