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Jan 4, 2008 12:49 PM

"08" $8 Eats

John Birdsal recently had an article listing eight dishes for about $8 in honor of the year 2008.

The spiced yam waffle at Guerilla Cafe that he mentions is calling my name.

Seems like a good idea ... especially after all the heavy holiday spending ... a break for the budget.

Though maybe it doesn't need to be limited to meals ... a great $8 bottle of wine ... great $8 baked good ... etc.

Here's my contributions

Oakland - Elves BBQ & Soul Food
BBQ or Soul food plates with two sides and choice of corn bread or garlic bread $7.49

Oakland - Godspeed
$7 Saturday morning all-you-can-eat waffles and bacon with mimosa ... additional mimosas $3 each

Can be located anywhere in the Bay Area. I just happen to live in the East Bay

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  1. Chilaquiles con Carne Asada at Pastores: 7.25

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    1. I have a new one

      Pozole surtido with organic house-made corn tortillas at Taco Grill ($7.50) and for dessert a scoop of rose petal or coffee ice cream from Nieves Cinco de Mayo next door ($!). Dinner and dessert for $8.50