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Jan 4, 2008 12:26 PM

SF Bay Area Costco Cooked Baby Back Ribs

Has anyone tried the cooked baby back ribs that Costco sells right next to their Rotisserie Chickens? Are they any good? Are they "off-the-bone" tender?

I seem to remember them having lots of sauce on them, are they overly sweet/salty? I personally prefer dry-rubbed ribs but this seems to be the closest available baby back without having to cook it myself.

Also do they sell any pre-cooked ribs similar to those sold by mail order place such as Kansas City Steaks?


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  1. Hasn't anyone tried the ribs at Costco? or is this only available in certain stores locally here in San Jose area?

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      They are sold, by the pound, at all of the Costcos, right next to the rotissiere chickens. I know I can make my own for less, esp when ribs are on sale, so have not bought-since never a small package available.

      You say you have had them. If you had really liked them, you would have remembered and bought again the next time you saw them.

      The refrigerated section has had vacuum sealed pre cooked ribs in summer, probably starting just before Memorial Day.