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Jan 4, 2008 12:21 PM

Tucson Restaurants

I will be in Tucson at a conference near the University Jan. 18th - 22nd. I have Saturday night , Sunday morning and Sunday night free. Can someone suggest a couple of good southwest cuisine and Mexican food places? Are there any good breakfast places near the University?

Thanks for your information


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  1. Will you have a car?
    There is a good Mexican Restaurant called the Guatalajara Grill on the corner of Campbell and Prince.
    You can also try La Fuente for good food and atmosphere. The traditional El Charro downtown also has good food..try the Carne Seca there.
    As far as breakfast joints close to the could try Jerri Bobs good cheap full is on the Campbell and Prince intersection, or Ghinis in the same shopping plaza...a French breakfast place hat is very good....Enjoy!

    1. Cafe Poca Cosa is a unique and individualistic take on Mexican and the moles are particularly good. Reservations definitely needed.

      The Cup Cafe at Hotel Congress is excellent for American fare with some Southwest twists. It's also a great breakfast spot, but is downtown, not right by the university.

      I also second El Charro for Sonoran cooking and La Parilla Suiza for Mexico City-style.

      1. I second the votes for Poca Cosa, El Charro, and Cup Cafe (downtown is only a couple of miles from the University).

        Try breakfast at the Blue Willow Cafe, which also has a cute trinket shop.

        1. Thank you all for your responses. I won't have a car, but I am willing to walk and take a taxi. Have a good New Years

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            You shouldn't have to walk or take a taxi, unless you want to. The Redline free shuttle bus runs a big double figure-8 between the University area and downtown. I think one of the stops is right at the Pennington Street parking garage, where Cafe Poca Cosa is located.

            Here's a link to the route map.