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Jan 4, 2008 11:54 AM

Barrington's???? (Charlotte)

Hounds, I trust you more than Zagat's.

Zagats listed this restaurant as one of their top 11 nationwide for 2007....and I was intrigued because its in Charlotte. Now, I travel to Charlotte several times a year on business, and often have to entertain at upscale or semi-upscale places while there....but I've never heard of the place. Usually "where should we eat" is a major item of discussion for our meetings there, so if its good we've usually heard about it. But this one seems to have fallen under the radar. it any good? Does it still exist? (the listed website in the article didn't work....). Comments?

I'll be in Charlotte in several weeks, and will need restaurant suggestions, so this seemed like a good time to ask. If there is anything else new and exciting in town, I'd love to hear about it...especially if its uptown. Thanks!!

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  1. I've heard marvelous reviews on this little known spot, but have never been. If you enter "barrington's charlotte" in the search box at the top right of this page, you'll see past mentions/reviews of the place.

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      Thanks for the reminder to search....duh!

      I realized after I searched why the place had fallen under my radar....the distance from uptown is somewhat daunting. We generally have a large group dining at this meeting (15 or so) and its hard to taxi everyone seven miles. In fact, when our organization moved to Charlotte, one of the "draws" was that when we had visitors in for meetings (a frequent occurrence) we could walk to many nice restaurants from our office uptown....

      But the posts I read did remind me that I've been wanting to try Ratcliff on the Green.....

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        Ratcliff is wonderful - we entertain many clients there. Also try the Fig Tree on 7th, and Carpe Diem on Elizabeth. Not walking-distance if downtown, but only about a 5 minute car/cab ride.

        1. re: pinogirl14

          This is my favorite special event restauraunt. Very small, cozy and French. Not a good idea for your event, though, for your party or the rest of the patrons. It's very small space, dark and cozy. Ratcliff is a pretty good choice for a client dinner- I attended one @ Ratcliff just after they launched and it was pretty nice, and I didn't feel like I was intruding on anyone's quite, special evening.

          Barrington's, though, is exquisite and precious.

    2. littletreegirl is right. Barrington's is wonderful - one of the best restuarants in Charlotte, if not the best, but it's size would not work for a large group unless you arrange something with the chef/owner ahead of time. Ratcliff is a good alternative if you want to stay uptown. A little further out is Carpe Diem - about 2 miles from city center on Elizabeth Avenue. Just down the street from Carpe Diem is the trendy bar Loft 1523 that has fabulous views of the Charlotte skyline and would be a good spot for before or after-dinner drinks. Since loft is a drinks only establishment, NC law dictates you must join their membership to get in - but when I went, they didn't charge a joining fee.

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      1. re: hazardnc

        I've been to Loft 1523 about 10 times and have never been asked to sign anything. Maybe they're counting the olives they serve in martinis as food. :-)

        1. re: HungryGrayCat

          And I've been to Charlotte oh, at least 20 times in the last four years, and I never realized that NC had that law.....

          Maybe I need to get out more when I'm there :-)