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Jan 4, 2008 11:39 AM

Big Daddy's Burger Bar, East Blvd.Charlotte

Anyone know when we can expect to see Big Daddy's Burger Bar on East Blvd. open?
What is the hold up?

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  1. It is open. I live nearby, and I have not tried it yet. It's only open for dinner right now, after 5 pm. But, I called & they are beginning to serve lunch tomorrow. Here's their number, if you need it: (704) 714-4888.

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      Thank you for the info. - concept sounds promising. I will check them out.

        1. re: artlee

          Gourmet burgers of many different types. Kobe beef, Black bean, Tuna and others. Plus high quality cheeses and toppings. Large beer list. I will go there later a and check things out and - Report to follow.

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            They had "water issues" today and closed. I am told they will be opened tomorrow. I will give it another try.

      1. I am glad to hear Big Daddy's is open and will have to put that on my short list of places to try. On Saturday, the SO and I went to the newly opened Counter Burger at Southpark.

        The place was packed with young families, but the tables turn over pretty quickly. We sat at the bar. Started off with a sample platter of sweet and russet potato fries, fried pickles and fried onion "strings." They were all cooked well, but I prefer the fried pickles at the Penguin b/c they are thinner and have a crunchier batter.

        You have many options in terms of size of burger, meat, etc. There is a small wine list and about 12 different beers, including 4 on tap.

        The atmosphere is great - big glass garage doors that they will be able to open in better weather - plus outdoor seating. Service is fine given the newness - lots of young, inexperienced staff.

        It's a pricey burger, but a fun place and I think it will do well. For a lunch spot, I will still go to the Penguin or Five Guys, (just cheaper) but not bad

        1. Anyone try the burger at Firebirds? SO and I saw it once and thought it looked beautiful! Very big, pink in the middle and juicy, juicy, juicy! I'm dying to try it... just haven't gotten around to it.

          Best burger I've had to date was at The Spotted Pig in East Village NYC last year. Good God it was heaven on a bun. They get a gourmet blend of ground beef from a meat purveyor called Frieda's.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Finally made it here today. Really good! Place was packed and it was 2 pm on Sunday. Defintely going back.