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Jan 4, 2008 11:33 AM

Best of Westchester: Delis

I hadn't been to Langes in a long time when I stopped in for one of their delicious sandwiches. It reminded me how lucky I was growing up in Lower Westchester with a plethora of amazing delis. What are some of your favorites?
(The sandwich I got today was an amazing smoky/sweet baked Virginia ham, muenster, tomato, and Langes own avocado spread)

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  1. Where is Langes? Sounds yummy!

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    1. re: debmom

      There are a few of them. One is in Scarsdale and I think one is in Chappaqua and maybe Bronxville too? I grew up going to the Scarsdale one...

      1. re: tarrytown hound

        if you go to the one in chappaqua, you may be treated to a side of clinton with your sandwich. the former first couple frequent the place when they are in residence. of course, hillary may be spending more time there if she doesn't have a better showing in NH today!

      2. re: debmom

        I grew up going to the Scarsdale one as well.
        Scarsdale: 57 Spencer Pl
        Bronxville: 94 Pondfield Rd

      3. The Royal Scarlett on East Post Rd in White Plains has to be one of the best world wide, in fact they won best of Westchester. The sandwiches are more than reasonably priced, enormous, and taste as though they were made with love. There are not enough stars to give it.

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        1. re: Kobe

          Oh man! Anything made with bacon there is amazing!

        2. I prefer the sanwiches at Michael's, next door to Langes. I also like Buon Amici on Scarsdale avenue-- great sandwiches. They make an incredible sandwich called the Cancun. I ate one of them every day of the week at one point in my life!

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            reccomend buon amici. bestttttt paninis