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Pilot House-Brick go or stay away?

Friends want us to join them for dinner there tomorrow night. Should I go or tell them no based on what you Chowhounds tell me .

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  1. Stay far far away. I wouldn't even pass by the place by chance my car may slide into the driveway. :)

    1. RUN!!! Stay far away!!! bgut is right!!! Just the sight of that place makes me cringe. I would rather spend the night at that gross diner, Rainbow (I think that is the name) down the street!!

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        Hey don't knock the Rainbow. While I haven't been in countless years I remember going for lunch often and getting soup, coleslaw, a pickle, a sandwich, rice pudding and a soft drink for under $8. The food I recall was okay. How it is now I can't attest.

        1. re: shorebilly

          Erase The Pilot House from your thoughts. It is horrible, The food, the service nothing good about this restuarant and I use this word very loosely.

        2. I went with my parents about a year ago and it was tired then. Since that meal, my parents went back and said it was (to quote my mother), 'horrendous'. I should say that my parents are not foodies in any way, and are far more passive than I when it comes to bad service and bad food. So when they say it was bad, it had to be REALLY terrible. They are not complainers.

          1. Stay away - far away at that...

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            1. the pilot house missed the boat ..stay away

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                I'm just curious, but what experiences have you all had there? We went there with the parents two years or so ago, and I can't even remember what we all got. Really unremarkable food. All I remember is it was freezing cold in the place and we had to ask to be moved to a section where there wasn't a draft on us!

                1. re: retrovertigo

                  example of problem.. ordered lobster tail was served partly frozen .Told staff ..They took the dinner ...20 minutes later asked what happened to my meal .Server additted she forgot about me ...10 minutes later brought us the check with the lobster still on the check !!!!... needless to say I did not pay for my dinner nor have we been back ..

                  1. re: Freeholdtwsp88

                    Do not fault Friday,s they try to do the right thing ..The pilot house ( with out the view) would be compared to Mc Donalds ..How does the Pilot Hose stay open ??

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                      I guess I got lucky. I ate there twice and had very good meals. First time I had sushi. Both my wife and I enjoyed it. The second time I had prime rib, which was cooked just as I like it.
                      The service was good too.

                      1. re: BCjr

                        if you had a good meal feel very luckey .There are not many left . Look @ this board I think it tells the story

                  2. I'd avoid this place. Food/service is mediocre at best.