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Jan 4, 2008 11:31 AM

Pilot House-Brick go or stay away?

Friends want us to join them for dinner there tomorrow night. Should I go or tell them no based on what you Chowhounds tell me .

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  1. Stay far far away. I wouldn't even pass by the place by chance my car may slide into the driveway. :)

    1. RUN!!! Stay far away!!! bgut is right!!! Just the sight of that place makes me cringe. I would rather spend the night at that gross diner, Rainbow (I think that is the name) down the street!!

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      1. re: Angelina

        Hey don't knock the Rainbow. While I haven't been in countless years I remember going for lunch often and getting soup, coleslaw, a pickle, a sandwich, rice pudding and a soft drink for under $8. The food I recall was okay. How it is now I can't attest.

        1. re: shorebilly

          Erase The Pilot House from your thoughts. It is horrible, The food, the service nothing good about this restuarant and I use this word very loosely.

        2. I went with my parents about a year ago and it was tired then. Since that meal, my parents went back and said it was (to quote my mother), 'horrendous'. I should say that my parents are not foodies in any way, and are far more passive than I when it comes to bad service and bad food. So when they say it was bad, it had to be REALLY terrible. They are not complainers.

          1. Stay away - far away at that...

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