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Jan 4, 2008 11:29 AM

Best Superbowl Watching/Beer Drinking/Good Food Eating Spot Near Driskill?

Staying at the driskill hotel on superbowl night. what would be the best spot to wtach the game? we are in our 30s with a group of 6. would love a great Austin spot nearby for great beers/ambience/crowd, etc. May make a late ngiht stop at Casino El Camino, too. thanks!

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  1. Ringer's!

    Better go early to grab a good table.

    1. If Ringers is too packed, my trusty standby is Daddy's Bar & Grill, which is only about a block from the Driskill. Decent wings and very tasty burgers (although if you're going to Casino El Camino, you'll want to wait so you can order a burger there).