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Apr 7, 2001 04:50 PM

Best Pubs in Town?

  • k

What are some favorite Irish pubs with good pub fare? Any location. I liked the atmosphere of O'Brien's on Wiltshire but didn't try anything from the menu.
Thx --

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  1. c
    Caitlin Wheeler

    I really like Lucky Baldwin's on the corner of Raymond and Colorado Blvd. in Old Town Pasadena. It doesn't have a really "Pubby" atmosphere, (it is Southern California after all) but it's pretty authentic in terms of menu -- full English breakfast, really good fish and chips, excellent sandwiches, jacket potatoes, and the obligatory curry dish. There's a nice outdoor seating area too.

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      Lucky Baldwins has the best beer selection in LA, methinks, over thirty taps usually and NEVER any bad domestic swill (ie bud, miller, coors, etc) They usually have about a dozen or so american micro-brews and another dozen international beers with an emphasis on british beer (obviously) and brews from belgium. The full breakfasts are good but the rest of the menu is EXTREMELY inconsistent from day to day. I've had great fish n' chips one day and some really, really bad fish n' chips the next. That said, I am a regular at the bar. Their beer selection keeps me coming back-and the chips are usually a good bet. Curry is generally very bad here.

    2. O'brien's on Wilshire has pretty decent pub food. Burgers are actually a step up from most. Since you seem to be enquiring about that area, Sonny McLean's up the street also has a good menu, many tap beers, and friendly bartenders. Both these places are my locals, so give them a try.

      1. O'Mallys Seal Beach! The Best!