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Jan 4, 2008 10:52 AM

Grissini in Kennebunkport, ME?

Wondering what people think about Grissini. I have not eaten there but am thinking about taking out of town guests (we live in Portland). The menu looks good, but one never knows....

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  1. Grissini is nice alternative to the typical seafood place up in Maine. Northern Italian cooking, very good wine list, food is decent. Portions are generous and the service is adequate. I think I've gotten one of the best caprese salads there - local produce and the darkest green olive oil I've ever seen.
    The place seems to get slammed no matter what season it is. Reservations should be made for weekend nights - you don't want to have to eat in the downstairs area. Way too crowded and dark with a service bar. The upstairs is open and airy but can be very loud.
    We've eaten next to a couple of "celebrities": The ex-Prez and Babs with a big group (they come in once a month) and Sean Penn and his now-X Robin Wright.
    I'd give a try.

    1. Grissini gets mixed reviews on Chowhound but I have always had good experiences. Solid Northern Ital (non-red sauce) food...nothing too adventurous. Upscale but casual. (Same ownership as White Barn Inn).

      1. We've eaten at Grissinis a number of times,with our most recent visit being the most disappointing. I had a veg special, but couldn't taste the goat cheese that was supposed to be an ingred, and the spinach was chopped so fine it was tasteless. Another person ordered a mushroom pizza, the mushrooms were almost non existent and the sauce had all the flavor of Cambell tomato soup. My husband ordered a fish dish, and that was much better. If you go (if you haven't already) I'd strongly recommend ordering only a pasta or fish special.