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Jan 4, 2008 10:41 AM

private chef in playa del carmen

We are staying at a condo in Playa Del Carmen for a few nights and would be interested in hiring a private chef for a day or two. I have heard that prices are pretty reasonable and considering we have a huge kitchen, we figured we should take advantage of it, without having to actually cook -- it's a vacation after all! And cooking for 8 people would be best left to a professional :)

I am having trouble finding a reputable chef/cook -- any recommendations? I know some rental agencies offer to send chefs, but I rather stick to someone I know will do a good job.


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    1. Anit,
      My fiancee and I are getting married in Playa this year. If you hear of a good chef, can you kindly email me? CatrionaWalsh@gmail.comWe are renting a condo for several weeks and will appreciate a cook on several evenings.
      Thanks and have a wonderful time!

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        My name is Tonatiuh, I have a small bussines in Playa del Carmen call Chile Verde; I offer Chef and Bartender service for dinners and private parties, my speciality is Mexican Food, I cook from traditional cuisine to the modern fusion cooking, if you want more info, you can take a look on my menus at, look for chile verde, thanks, have a nice day. Tona.

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