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Brennen's Steakhouse Neptune City

This is perhaps the Best steakhouse in Monmouth county ,quility steaks ,sides and professional staff ,but the bar prices are very steep..Is there a GOOD steakhouse in Ocean County .I hear Manhatten steakhouse ,Ocean and Pino's Marlboro are good ,but were in Ocean county ?? The new one Scorpio's Steakhouse in Jackson has potential ,but need time and work..

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  1. Big - Welcome to the board. I will have to respectfully disagree with you about Brennens. That being said, I do agree that Manhattan Steakhouse is very good and most definitely the best steakhouse in Monmouth (for whatever that title is worth).

    1. It was pretty good when it first opened, but then it totally took a nosedive. Haven't been there in a good year or two. Has it improved recently?

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        They have done away with Koby beef which is no suprise .. We had the prime Rib as a special and it was outstanding .It has always been very good . I do not think it has taken a ''nosedive'' ..try it again ..it work for us

      2. Pino's is not a steakhouse but, rather, an Italian restaurant that happens to have steaks on the menu. We haven't been.

        1. Sory Big but Brennan's is a has been. When it opened several years ago it really was the best steak house around. But, after many changes for the worse it took a nose dive to where it is today. Although, I've been ther dozens of times - no more. End of story.

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            what problems did you have there and where is your new place to get steak ?

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              For me it was a combination of both poor food and service. The steaks were not prime/aged (pretty sure they used to be), though they still charge as they are. Overcooked as well. Sides were bland and overpriced (if you can't make a truffled mac and cheese tasty you've got problems). I don't remember the specifics of the service other than all of us thought it was sub-par (on a night it wasn't even close to full). Like I said, it's been a good year or two since I've been... maybe it's getting better.

              Not too many steakhouses in S. Mon. County it's hard to steer (ha!) you to one. McCann's in Belmar has a good steak, but it's definitely not fine dining (Irish pub/sports bar). Manhattan probably has the most solid rep in the area (wish there was something a bit more south).

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                My experiences were very similar to white light. On the last two occassions, my steaks were burnt (the burnt side hidden face down on the plate) and had a metallic taste as if cooked in aluminum foil. That combined with the rather put offish service we started to receive sealed the deal for us. As you can tell from my earlier post, my current steakhouse of choice when not wanting to travel too far is Manhattan Steakhouse. The owner Jaime is very friendly and accommodating. Good Luck.

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                  "if you can't make a truffled mac and cheese tasty you've got problems."

                  That's one of the greatest things I've read in a long time. Haha!

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                    The steaks at McCanns are delicious, and they pour some great drinks for a good price too...can't beat that in my book.

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                      I ate there last week. had a berger, almost as good as Main Street in Ocean. Can't wait to do steak.

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                        BTW Barb - Have you noticed that Main Street has redone the exterior of the restaurant with vinyl siding? A much needed improvement if I say so myself.

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                          Yes I did. really looks nice inside. They even have windows so you can see all the cars speeding down Hwy35 South!!!

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                  I have to agree with the negative assements of Brennens. We have given it two tries recently. Foregetting the shrimp cocktail that was as tough as snow tires, let's talk about the steak... Both times one of the two steaks (1st time the fillet, 2nd time the strip) were overcooked (which pretty much ruins it for me). How can you be a 'steak' house and not know how to properly cook a steak. That is just mind boggling. The steaks that weren't overcooked were pretty tasty, but nothing really memorable. Sadly have crossed this place off of my list.

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                    Up date ::Was back to Brennen's last nite with a foursome .The meals was outstanding. My son had Prime Rib which was the best he ever had ..My wife and I had lobster tail that could not be better ..My daughter in law had a steak that was cooked to perfection .Service was worth more then the 20% given ..The place was jamed ..I still belive this is one of the best eatery in Monmouth county ..only down side is the bozze is very expensive ..

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                      I have always had a good meal there. Had the fillet mignon and it was wonderful.Nice atmosphere and service. Need to return!!!

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                        big1515 and Barbarella - While I am happy that both of you enjoyed your meals, Brennen's lost my business a long time ago. I think the saying goes "Fool me once ...." Ever since, I've gone to Manhattan Steak House in Ocean and have not been disappointed.

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                          When I am hungry for a good steak I go to Manhattan Steak House. IMHO it is the best in the area and has good service.

                3. I like to think that I've eaten at some of the best steakhouses around the world, from Japan to LA to NYC...and I can say that Manhattan, is still in my top 3, and possibly top 1. (comparing regular filets, not Kobe!).

                  Is this Brennens (dickie brennens?) the same who owns many restaurants in New Orleans? I just got back from NoLa, and meant to try it out, but the creole food trumped measly steak in NoLa.

                  Any place in NJ serve Kobe?

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                    No connection with the Louisiana family. Acc. to Wikipedia, the only places the Brennens own restaurant outside of New Orleans are in Houston and at Disneyland, in CA.

                    With regard to Kobe, other Hounds who have been to Pino's, in Marlboro, have mentioned that it's on the menu there along with several other steaks.

                  2. Still have not gotten my answer to my post !!.....where in Ocean County can I get a aged/prime steak ..The same as Manhatten , Brennens ,McCanns ect. ..Scorpio's (new) Jackson is tring ,but is not there yet ...where do you recommend ??

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                      big - You are correct. In this case, the lack of a response is the answer none the less. I can not think of a decent steak in OC let alone one that sells prime or aged beef. Good Luck with your search. If you find one please let us know.

                      1. re: bgut1

                        what about south street steakhouse in freehold ? don't they serve dry aged angus ?

                        1. re: chefMD

                          chef -- I think big1515 is looking for a spot in Ocean County. Freehold is Monmouth. I recall only one review on South Street Steakhouse that was less than favorable. Also don't know whether their beef is prime/dry aged. I drive by all the time but can't gauge what type of business they're doing as they put curtains floor to ceiling curtains in the windows. I'm always game for a good steak, but the lack of a decent review from a reliable source has me reluctant to spend the type of money I believe South Street is charging.

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                          Eating Ocean county is a nightmare .If a place in the ocean county area has the appearence of proprity ..We try to encourage it's development .Our present project is Scorpio;s Steakhouse .It needs work ,but has potential ..The meat is good quility ...they claim prime ,but that is questionable ..The family/owners/management are very weak . They need to be more visable .friendly ,knowledgeable and proactive .The place will be a hard sell in the area ..If it does not get the support Lake Ridge and West Lake the well to do senior communities in area. It will have a awful time staying afloat because the near by trailer park people will go McDonalds next door

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                            as a resident of ocean county, i can only say there are a limited # of places we have been to so far. judging by this board, there aren't that many more
                            ( bgut- i tried to go to the greek place by el familiar, but sadly, i didn't see any lamb ?? oh well, 3 great tacos instead).
                            why is it that there are so few ? want to goto bistro44, but not open mondays. slowly was there but closed (any investors???) and most of the rest seem like italian american/chains/ or worse.
                            i look at someone like drew( whom i adore and consider a friend now) who has had great success in what is not thought of as a dining destination town and wonder ?????

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                              the place is very average, and over priced

                              1. re: chefMD

                                Chef - I will look at the take out menu for Athens Grill, but I don't doubt the absence of lamb as I couldn't expect it to be a easy sell here in the OC. The other items on the menu however are quite good. I'm still happy you enjoyed your tacos. With regard to Bistro 44, it isn't unusual for a restaurant to be closed on Monday.

                                1. re: bgut1

                                  Chef - I just looked at the menu and they do have a leg of lamb with house salad and choice of 2 of baked beans, orzo, fries or mixed vegetables for $14.25 or Lamb Chops on a bed of rice with a house salad for $16.25. So I guess we both stand corrected. :)

                                2. re: chefMD

                                  Is the demograghics of Ocean County such that NOBODY will take a chance to set up a real good ''any type ''eatery there ..I hope McCloone does not read this because we do not need him here to creat another Pilot House type establishment..

                                  1. re: big1515

                                    big1515 - Unforunately, the answer to your question is "yes". I've seen it time and time again in downtown Toms River with the closing of Jeffrey's, Slowly, the Downtown, and the lack of a full house everynight at Bistro 44. People in this county just do not want to spend more than $25 a head for dinner. I find the same is true for downtown lunch establishments. The proliferation of chain restaurants and pizza joints in this county is proof positive of this fact. It's a sad state of affairs and the reason why I vocally support those individuals with the guts to buck the trend (i.e. Bistro 44 and El Familiar). Good Luck.

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                                      Your posts and replies seem to be on the money ... How good is Bistro 44 ..do they have booze... thanks Big1515

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                                        Nope - even better - BYOB. Thanks for the compliment BTW.

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                                    Chef and big1515 - I have another promising OC restaurant for both of you to try (one that I always seem to forget mentioning). It's the Atlantic Bar and Grill in Seaside Park. I've had some very good meals there in the past and think that Chef MIke is a talent. My only caveat is that I think they are closed for the month of January.
                                    big1515 - they also have a "steakhouse menu" and while I believe they don't serve prime, I seem to recall that their steaks were pretty solid. Good Luck.

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                                Although I dont think they are aged prime, The steaks at Bottazzis Red Lion are very good

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                                  Believe it or not I had a great Cowboy Steak at Jimmy C's in Toms River on Washington street.

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                                    Brennen's in Neptune city ..since I post this I have been back a few times with very mixed feelings .Has it gotten more consistant ie.food and staff ..I still say the drinks are way over priced and keep us from going more often ..

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                                      Its a nice locals place for the area its very good steakhouse but thats about it