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Apr 7, 2001 04:18 PM

The Reel Inn Malibu

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Is The Reel Inn Malibu a good choice for good seafood without the high prices and attitude at Gladstone's? Planning on taking six people to dinner and want a good meal and good fun.


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  1. m
    More of Everything...

    The clam chowder is about the only thing I've ever found edible at Gladstones, I think of it mostly as a tourist trap. Reel Inn is usually fairly good seafood at very reasonable prices. Haven't done it in a while, but I used to enjoy grabbing a bite at the Reel Inn, then having a cocktail out on the deck at Moonshadows up the road.

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    1. re: More of Everything...

      while the prices at reel inn are reasonable, my last visit (Torrance location) was *really* disappointing. i shared some type of grilled fish (dry, beyond the help of a lemon), some fried clams (greazzzy), and some soggy fries. while i haven't been to the malibu location in a LONG time, i have a feeling that the expansion is causing their quality to suffer...

      1. re: Joe Blowe
        Richard Foss

        Apparently a lot of people agreed with you about the Torrance location, because it closed about nine months after it opened.

    2. the food is awful, from top to bottom...however, sitting on the patio and drinking a pitcher of beer is ok.

      malibu seafood up the coast has much better food, and a better view as well. however, byob.


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      1. re: john guerin
        nicholas lowie

        the fish is not fresh, it is off color and stinks. everything is greasy. don't ever order the sand filled steamed clams--of course the cooks there have no idea that the clams need to be soaked to remove the grit. bring your dentist and only drink the beer.

      2. I've been to the Reel Inn once, and it was terrific. I asked what the best thing to order was, and people there told me, "anything blackened." I ordered blackened sea bass, and it was wonderful. I would definitely go back.