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Jan 4, 2008 10:10 AM

Eat Nopal tries SDs Mexican Mecca [Cocina] with Josh & KR

This was the first time I have dined at Super Cocina for dinner & the best part was having two equally passionate Mexiphiles to chowdown with!

The place has always been pretty packed at lunch time when I have gone there and the cooks can always be seen preparing the replenishment for the dishes. Last night was pretty quiet with just one Veracruzana cook and her two younger Tijuanese helpers working and a few tables with their diners eyes affixed on the telenovelas playing.

The usual suspects were in the smalll case on the side. While the rotating dishes featured a Chicken thigh dish with spinach and cilantro, a "7 chile" mole "lite" dish of pork that had this awsome red hue, bistec ranchero, empanadas among others.

It was fantastic to have EN - to rattle up the typically reserved women into talking to us about the food, where they are from, what ingredients were in which dish. He started by asking something along the lines of "Donde estan los Escamoles/" - where are the ant eggs? :)

I got the chicharron in salsa verde and the chicken with spinach dish. I liked the chicharron the best - a solid interpretation of the dish - order this if you can get past the idea. The chicken -while wonderfully tender - was slightly bitter from the greens cooking too long and needed a chile element.

All in all, an ok meal - though I hope to bring EN during lunch next time he's in town to try some pipian de puerco and verdolagas and cross my fingers for a slightly more revelatory experience.

We missed you DD!

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  1. I liked Super Cocina and appreciate what they are doing. The chicharron was really good... I liked the Pork in 7 Chile Sauce (Birriasque but with less cloves & herbs)... the Chicken in Spinach was a bit on the boring side... I regret not having the Pork with the spicy red sauce... a sampling of the Mole revealed the most chocolate heavy & sweet version I can remember... I don't know that I would enjoy it with Chicken... but if they could that with some Plantains & Veracruz style Coconut Rice... it would be killer.

    The empanadas were quite weak & stale as they had evidently sat under a lamp too long. But of course it generated one of the most interesting moments... as I confused the gaminess of the "Queso Fresco" with something that might have been smuggled in, made of unpasteurized goat milk... and it turned out to be bulk Feta (the soft almost spreadable kind).

    Other than the neighborhood being a little too gentrified for my taste... I look forward to a next visit there.