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Jan 4, 2008 09:11 AM

Cake that improves over a few days but doesn't require refrigeration?

I'd like to send a birthday cake to my grandpa (turning 86 at the end of the month) but am having a hard time coming up with ideas of cakes that actually improve over a few days (shipping time) and don't require refrigeration (which nixes cheesecake, the only cake I've come up with that gets better with a few days). Since I'm shipping, it would need to be at least somewhat hardy, too. Any suggestions? Or should I stick with cookies?

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  1. Not birthday cake like but Candy's chocolate pound cake is excellent and tastes good a few days later (not that it lasts that long...).

    Gingerbread is good, too, after it's had time to sit. This is a good recipe and you could just leave the chocolate ganache off.

    You could bake that in an aluminum pan and it would make shipping easier.

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      Thank you. I was just about to suggest my recipe too. It does ship well wrapped in plastic.

    2. I shipped a birthday cake, frosted it by making it an inside-out cake. The frosting was on the inside, between the layers, and the outside was dusted with confectioners sugar, then wrapped tight. It arrived in good shape. (Not that it would have mattered...they were teens. I doubt they looked at it before they devoured it) It was a simple, old fashioned burnt sugar cake.


      1. Rum cake, or any cake soaked in liquor or a syrup

        1. I made this Mexican Chocolate bundt cake with a chocolate/nut glaze to ship to a friend for her birthday based on a rec from here ( I made a practice one first, and it only lasted a day, but it was great. My friend said it tasted great when it finally got to her too (I think it took 3 days to get there - Baltimore to Denver in the middle of the summer!).

          1. The much talked about Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread! I baked it on NYE in my 10-15 cup bundt and it turned out beautifully, and (because of resolutions heh) we're slowly finishing it off and it's still wonderful!

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              Yes, indeed...the Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread is fabulous and even better days later. You do need to bake it in the bundt pan, though, or two loaf pans. Ship one, eat one!

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                I third the rec for the G.T. gingerbread - made two for Christmas (first one didn't want to leave the pan so, darn it, we had to eat that ourselves) and they were great even close to 5 days later. The flavors get more complex and delicious - just covered it w/plastic wrap and left it on the counter. It's a tough little cake too - would be great to ship.

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                  That's the one I was going to suggest. I made my first one at Christmas and I was amazed that it just kept getting better as it aged!

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                  I assume then, that you doubled the recipe maplesugar?