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Need help with a foodie intervention!

Hi guys,
We're trying to help a friend of HBT who decided he can no longer date a girl just because she doesn't know how to cook a steak. (Seriously, that's the ONLY reason.)

Intervention time: We need to convince him to just take this lovely lady out out to a restaurant.

Ideas on best place to get a steak in Boston?

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    1. your friend needs to get a life...

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      1. re: joebelt

        Yes, yes. We know... that's why we're having an intervention. I think he should just cook her a meal at home too. I don't really eat steak either, but I've heard McKinnon's Market in Davis Square has good meat cuts.... Anyone know of any other places with good quality, prices?

        1. re: HotButteredToasted

          Good quality: Savenor's or Dewars here in Boston, or Lobel's in NY.

          Not so good on the price, but then again, you get what you pay for.

      2. Locke-Ober should be perfect for someone who's clearly stuck back in a place that time forgot.

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          I don't know: Locke-Ober has been given a facelift, a serious menu refreshing with Lydia Shire's involvement, and a change in policy to allow ladies into the former mens-only first floor dining room. I'd say the better unfrozen-caveman place is Anthony's Pier Four. I think they still have the menus without prices for the gals.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            I didn't mean to slag L-O... it's actually a sincere recommendation for someplace special to grab a more-than-decent steak. I think their food is quite good, and the room is gorgeously re-furnished with huge old-world charm. I like the Lady's filet and the dark equatorial chocolate cake (which sounds like chocolate cake... so what??) is totally memorable.

        2. Wow, of all the.....are you serious? She can't cook a steak? ;-b

          I'm with BostonBob here; Savenor's is an excellent option for picking up some good steaks.

          Sooo.....how big will the intervention be? Can we all come along, too?

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            Haha! Everyone could come along if we crash his date. (It could be a twofer-- intervention and good food...)

            I just talked to this friend again and he said he has a date tonight with another woman (Lord help her!). Apparently, this woman knows how to cook a steak, even though he's never tasted her cooking before. I don't know... maybe he's helpless? (This sort of seems like a Seinfeld episode.)

            I have to say I don't really understand this because I'm more of a restaurant lover, but there's actually a Savenor's in Cambridge close to my house, so I may stop by.

            On another note, jsjs09812: Anymore details about Butcher Boy? I don't think I've ever come across that name before.

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              Wow, is your friend Fred Flintstone or something? ;)

              I agree that Savenors is not a bad choice, and that it's not hard to cook a good steak.

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                Butcher Boy is in Andover, I believe, and reputed to have very good quality meats. I've only had the steak tips my neighbor grilled, and they were fine. I only answer because your question seemed to be sinking into the threadstream.

            2. Seriously....that's not the only reason. ;)

              The restaurant idea is not ultimately going to eliminate this reason...
              Why not buy him and her a couple's cooking class at Cambridge Culinary Institute, so they can learn to cook a steak together!

              Then you can get down to what is really bothering him...

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              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                All of my friends in the Andover area say Butcher Boy has excellent meats but my former boss, a trained chef and now an executive in the food industry, went to Hilltop for his meats at Christmas. I have other friends who also swear by the meats at Hilltop.....not the restaurant but the store onsite.

                1. re: edgewater

                  I've had the tips from BB and they could have been cut with a plastic fork. The tips I've had from the Hilltop were not as good. I've gotten whole sirloins at the hilltiop, wrapped in plastic, not cryo and nit very flavorful or tender

              2. Well, we could do my driveway in North Cambridge with a charcoal grill and a few cuts from MacKinnon's ... (Though I also wonder: CostCo also has dirt cheap cuts of meat and whole racks ... anyone ever tried cooking one of those?)

                If that's seriously, really and truly the only thing that's holding things up, one possibility is to seek out the very first episode of Good Eats: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/show_... Not currently in rotation on Food Network, but it should be readlly available on home video. Or on YouTube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=7KrjeJDNKUA

                Cooking a steak is about as basic and as simple as it gets. And doing it yourself is a whole heck of a lot cheaper than going out to a steakhouse. I'm with Bob Dobalina in thinking that a group cooking class would be a better way to go, though I don't see a listing in the Cambridge Culiinary Institute that is obviously about searing a steak well.

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                  We used to belong to Costco, and bought steaks, chuck, roasts there, and I honestly never found the quality to be much different than DeMoulas. We also found that the meat would shrink - a lot, which made us wonder about fats or additives, although the texture was always dry, definitely not water-injected spongy.

                  The place we like best for steaks is the Butcher Boy, followed by the greater selection of meats and cuts at McKinnons. One happy memory is when the nice meat cutter at the Butcher Boy asked if I would like to buy a canceled order of prime sirloin, for the on-sale price of their regular very nice sirloin.... Wonderful, in so many ways.