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Anyone have any info on the donut shop at Brier Creek (raleigh, nc)...its called something Fig.

It has a really odd name for a donut shop. I've only heard 1 person who has been there and they weren't all that positive. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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  1. It's called the Fractured Prune. It's really good. My boss brought us 4 dozen donuts of all different flavors. They were really good. They actually do a bacon-egg-cheese breakfast sandwich on a donut. I haven't tried it yet. The donuts are all made fresh to order, I think, and you can get any glaze you want. Some of flavors are a bit "out there" but I'd definitely recommend the place.

    I am assuming we're talking about the same place, I think it's near a mexican restaurant. I know Briar Creek is huge, but how many donut shops can there be?

    Here's their site:

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      thanks for the review. Fractured Prune. what a weird name for a donut shop.

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        Their website explains the name - but it is still a very weird name even after you have read the story.

    2. Interesting concept, mediocre execution, and incredibly overpriced. At close to $2 apiece, I expected a little more than something smaller than your average Krispy Kreme. I've visited twice and don't have any plans to return.

      1. Yes. As another member has said, it's called Fractured Prune. The name's really unattractive.

        Anyway, about the doughnuts. A former coworker lives near there and bought a huge selection to work towards the end of last year. The doughnuts are smaller than Krispy Kreme but are in that style. i.e. very sweet IMHO. I guess that's partly because all the doughnuts in the box were covered in frostings and/or sprinkles.

        A bit of a sugar overload for me but there's probably people who like that kind of thing. I can't comment on price because I didn't buy them.

        I prefer filled doughnuts myself, especially custard filled (British style).

        1. I've only had them at work. They're very cake-like. Not as light and fluffy as Krispy Kreme. (I only ever eat the original glazed.)

          1. If you've just had the donut when someone brought them to work, you're really missing out. The great thing about them is they're made to order. They fry them up right when you order them and you can choose from a long list of glazes, sugars, and toppings. You can have as much or as little as you like. My favorite is just strawberry glaze when the donut is still warm and gooey. Still, they are incredibly sweet and not in the least bit healthy for you so I treat myself maybe once every other month.

            Note that I haven't been to the one in Raleigh, but one in Concord, NC.

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              The one in Concord must be different than the one here, because they nuked mine to heat it both times I visited.

            2. I have to say that Fractured Prune was horrible - at Brier Creek, at least. The doughnuts were nuked in the microwave, and were waaaaaay too sweet for me. I don't know how that's possible considering I love Krispy Kreme, but they were. I'd pass on FP doughnuts.

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                Fractured Prune, like Krispy Kreme, is a chain. Krispy Kreme's original glazed, eaten hot off the assembly line, are a bit of heaven: nothing but a puff of air and delightful sweetness (but with no redeeming food value). Fractured Prune's dougnuts are heavy and cake-like, pre-cooked, then dipped in hot, dripping flavored icings after you order them. There used to be a chain of doughnut places in many small towns in the South called Spudnuts (based on West Coast, I think), made from potatoes but that were also fluffy, similar to KK. Anybody still got a Spudnuts in their town?

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                  >Anybody still got a Spudnuts in their town?<

                  Here's Spudnut information and list of current shops.


              2. I have not tried FP (and after these rec's ...don't think I will) but love KK downtown. We especially love going in with the kids and watching them come down the conveyor belt!

                But if you like cake or other non-potato flour donuts (like KK) you should try Daylight Donuts in Cary. Have only been in the morning when they were fresh, but have loved all varieties I have tried. Just good homemade donuts. I am not fan of jelly donuts, but found out about this place when a woman used to bring a dozen jelly donuts into work from Daylight about once a month and we devoured them.

                And I am not a huge Dunkin Donuts fan, but I know some are. Just a heads up that there is a rumor that there is a Dunkin Donuts going in downtown in the base of one of the new condos near Glenwood South.

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                  Where is Daylight Donuts in Cary? I used to have a rep. come to the office every once in awhile who has an office in Cary and would bring great Donuts but I never found out where they were from. Anytime I was out by their office I would spend all my time looking around trying to find the donut shop... the address will keep me from having an accident!!

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                    Ohh, address, that is a toughy. I know it is right across from NeoChina, as I see it when we go for Dim Sum. So, on Maynard right past where it crosses High House? I am bad on Cary directions.

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                      me too, cary is a maze to me, though in general i consider myself pretty good at directions. i can find it from NeoChina i think...

                2. I work at the Fractured Prune and just wanted to respond to some false information. The donuts are $1.25 each ($.77 each by dozen). Microwaving a donut would get you fired (I have never heard of that happening). The glazes are not heated, the donuts are hot.

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                    Well then you must have some ex-employees on the street, because I watched them hit the microwave both times I visited.

                  2. Is Fractured Prune closed? I never had a chance to try them and just went to website to find address. It appears there is no location in North Carolina.

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