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Jan 4, 2008 08:08 AM

Lewis General Store, Cambridge MD

Has anybody been here? While at the Eastern Shore over the weekend, I saw a brief write-up in the December issue of a magazine about the region. Apparently Fri & Sat evenings, they have a white tablecloth restaurant in the back. They are open the rest of the week for breakfast and lunch, serving sandwiches, subs, etc. Since this is a perfect stopping place on the way to the shore, I'm wondering about it.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. This is so funny to me. Up until I got divorced 2 yrs ago, I spent part of the past 25 summers about a mile past Lewis' out Cooks Pt. Road. For 24 of those years, lewis' was this little, dusty room with a few shelves of (possibly out of date) Campbell's soup and other "necessities" that might keep you from driving the 25 minutes back into town to the nearest store. There were usually some local veggies, which Mr. Lewis charged plenty for. We usually went there when we ran out of beer and didn't want to go into town until sundown.

      The last year I went, I think it changed owners, adn all the sudden there was cleanliness and light, and wine racks, and now fine dining! This seems appropriate b/c of all the upscale new construction in what was for so long an area that apparently escaped the attention of developers. I'll have to point the ex to this board. he was there over labor day this year and might have gone to Lewis' and have more info.

      1. Oh, yes, it's not on route have to drive out of town (in the wrong direction) for about 20 mins. Are you looking for upscale or casual? I can ask the ex for recommends. There are some EXCELLENT places right in Cambridge proper, along the water, that you might want to try.

        1. Here's a report from my ex, who was there over labor day.

          "Lewis is trying to go big time with country home cooking. We didn't go there.

          Tell this person do not eat at Hyatt main hotel

          Blue Oyster at Boat dock at Hyatt is good, but not great.

          There is an awesome seafood restaurant, kind of a dive on the inlet in downtown. It is called Port Side. It really is a dive but awesome. Won awards for its crab soup. Has a great patio and is accessible by boat. . New owner. Won a Zagat award."

          So that's a quick summary about dining in Cambridge. And of course, there's the ever popular dairy queen :)

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            We did Port Side on monday and were very dissapointed. The crab soup was not worth of any awards. RT's and Ray's the Steaks in Virginia run circles around that soup. The only thing that was half decent were the crab balls. Everything else was a dissapointment.