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Jan 4, 2008 08:00 AM

Best tea (bagged or loose)

Making party favours for an engagement gathering over High Tea at the Royal York. Was planning to give tea and chocolates.

What is the best tea (bagged or loose) to give (whether it be Mighty Leaf etc.)?

As for chocolates, I was planning to give a few from JS Bon Bons. Any flavours you'd recommend or any other chocolatiers you'd suggest?

Thank you!

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  1. The Metropolitan Tea Company makes some really delicious teas. I keep some bags of Sencha here at my desk at work, they have things like Long Island Strawberry, Blue Mango and Cherry Rose flavoured Senchas to name a few kinds. The flavours are mainly a result of the dehydrated fruit mixed into the tea leaves vs. any funky chemicals of flavourings. The tea is all loose leaf of course.

    They make nice gifts, mine came in these little red bags.

    They're located in Etobicoke.

    1. Distinctly Tea is the best tea shop in Canada, without parallel, with over 350 selections.

      The Rooibos Fruity Orange will keep you returning forever. Every tea I have bought (only about a dozen types) has been unsurpassed in freshness and quailty.

      The website provides excellent product descriptions.

      1. I like Mighty Leaf a lot. You can order whatever flavours, etc. you want from their websight at

        I have a great tea at home that is always a big hit with my friends. I can't remember the name of it, but I will check and get back to you.

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          The great tea I have at home I was talking about is "Betjeman and Barton" Blue Mountain Black Tea, which is made exclusively for Williams Sonoma. It's always a big hit.

        2. I am not tea expert, but I like The Tea Emporium.

          If you go to the location on Eglinton, they also serve tea there, so you can try flavours before you get stuck with a big bag/box.

          JS Bon Bons - my favourite is the lemon and thyme one.

          1. I really like tealish. The owners are really friendly and more than happy to spend a fair bit of time walking through their collections with a neophyte (like myself). Plus they seem to have gone through a lot of effort sourcing their product and have some really unique blends in addition to nice takes on old standards.

            They have a website at which seems to list more of their collection