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Apr 6, 2001 01:33 PM

Help! newly transplanted New Yorker needs help!

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Hi I have to say I'm a bit scared. I'm sure there are many excellent new restaurants. Any open late?
Thanks for the suggestions!

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  1. If you're interested in something very good that's open late try the bar at Lucques in West Hollywood. They have a superb bar menu after 10 including the best steak/frites this side of Paris.

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      Thanks!!!! Sounds great.

    2. Reviving this STEAK FRITES thread...

      Does Lucques only have a great steak frites AFTER 10PM??

      Also would love other suggestions. I'm in WeHo. How about Mimosa?

      1. Definitely wish LA has more late night eateries. Miss that about NYC too. Some of the places I found that are open late: Fred 62, Late Night at the Kitchen, Vermont, Haru Ulala, Canter's, Samanalung, Ruen Pair (when it reopens), Thai Palms, McCormick and Schmidts downtown and Beverly Hills (late night happy hour where you can bargains for $2), Sam Woo's in Chinatown.

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          also half of koreatown is open late. hodori, bcd tofu, el taurino tacos. all good stuff.

        2. A lof of Thai town restaurants are open late. I like ruen pair, but it's currently closed for reservations.

          Roscoes house of chicken and waffles is also open late. Go to the original in Hollywood at the ccorner of sunset and gower.

          One place to avoid: Johnnie's Pastrami in culver city. It's gross.

          1. Magnolia, on Sunset just east of the Arclight (not too far from WeHo) has very good food and is open anywhere from 1:30am-3am at night. I go there a lot quite late. It’s one of the best places to get good food late at night and they also have an excellent bar. (They are listed to be open until 3 am every night, but I have seen them close slightly early some nights if everyone has finished eating and no one else has walked in the restaurant.)

            Dan Tana's is also open until 1:30 every night. It’s the best 50 dollar steak (seriously) you will ever have, the Dabney Coleman. Their Caesar is also terrific, as is the Pasta Diavalo, which has a spicy marinara. I love to start with the Caesar, then get the steak with a side of the pasta. Yum. Don't forget the martinis.

            If you want to feel like you are back in NYC in the middle of the night, hit The Pantry downtown, at 9th and Figueroa. It is open 24 hours and is an LA institution. There is nothing like The Pantry at 3:30 in the morning.