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Jan 4, 2008 07:53 AM

Sushi Buffs-sushi chef Sachio Kojima

I don't know this chef, do you? Here will be at Isa making nigiri and maki rolls for three months.

I am curious. I have never been to Isa which is a Contemporary French any reports?

And have you been to Kabuto A&S when Mr. Kojima was chef there?

This was in the SFGate Jan.2nd-

"Welcome return: Those who were devoted to sushi chef Sachio Kojima might want to hightail it down to Luke and Kitty Sung's Isa (3324 Steiner St.), where the former chef of Kabuto A&S (5121 Geary Blvd.) will be a guest chef.

Three years ago, after Kojima's wife became ill, he sold the restaurant and moved to Mount Shasta, where he opened Vivify, focusing on organic Japanese food and vegetables.

With his wife in better health, Kojima will take over the front room of Isa for three months to serve nigiri and maki rolls. Sung will keep his own menu going in the back of his Marina district restaurant.

"This man devoted a big part of his life to the sushi scene in San Francisco," says Luke Sung, "and I'm totally psyched that he's coming here."

Expect to see Kojima in the dining room by Jan. 14.


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  1. That's very exciting news. Sachio is a legend for good reason, not the least of which was his speed with a knife and the many chefs who were trained by him. In the old days at Kabuto (10 or 15 years ago), he used to stay open past midnight.

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      Interesting! That predates my living in SF and why I don't know of him.

    2. This is great news, thanks for sharing the article, Lori. I've never been to Isa but it looks like that may change soon.

      If his wife is in better health, perhaps he'd like to return to SF? =)

      1. Thank you, Lori! arigato-gozaiimashita :^)
        I know where I'll be eating sushi from 1/14 to 3/27 (Monday ~ Thursday only). We made our reservations for 6 pm on January 14 ... and we were seated with a full view of Kojima Sachio - san in perpetual motion all evening. The evening was a reminder of the best days of Kabuto before the Kojima family moved to Mt. Shasta to open their organic Japanese restaurant, Vivify. (The o-hashi is paper-wrapped from Vivify)
        In addition to the sashimi, o-nigiri and maki, try the carpaccio plate as a starter - it's lush with flavors and your tongue will dance with joy.
        ... as Kitty says, "It's an honor to have Kojima-san here."

        1. Placelinking. Also, what are prices like at Isa for things like nigiri, maki and sashimi? I'd love to make my first visit while such an esteemed chef is working there. My sushi cravings have gotten pretty bad lately. (:

          3324 Steiner St., San Francisco, CA 94123

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            Relaxation Plate: carpaccio of sliced tuna apple yolk vinaigrette $12; spicy tuna "Delightful Poke tuna" Sachio-style $8.50; "Have a nice tuna" marinated, green onion, wakame mustard miso vinaigrette $8.50

            Nigiri sushi or Sashimi (one piece): Maguro $2.50, Toro $5.50, Hamachi $2.50, Kanpachi $3.75, Shima Aji $3.75, Aji $3.75, Hirame $2.50, Tai $2.50, Salmon $3,Uni $3.50, Unagi $3, Amaebi $3.75, Tamago $2, Tobiko $2.50, Anago $3.75, Kani $3, Mirugai $3.50, Sunazuri $3.75

            Makimono Roll: Tekka $5, Kappa $5, Shiitake $5, California - crab & avocado $6, Maguro roll tuna/green onion $6, Unagi & avocado $6, Tempura shrimp-avocado $8, Salmon out with Tempura shrimp in $11 + more

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              thanks for your report looks like heaven.

              1. re: Lori SF

                I spent a small fortune at Kuboto's. Among other good memories: Sachio use to offer cooked sea snails served in the shells as a cold appetizer. Unfortunately, I've never found another restaurant that offers them. Kuboto's was also the location for the first date with my wife in 1990.

          2. The Chron reports he's moved back from Mt. Shasta and is the new chef at Hecho.

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            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              I talked to him in early January at Hecho and at that time he said he was guest chef-ing during the slow winter months in Mt. Shasta.

              Great to hear it's now permanent.