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Jan 4, 2008 07:41 AM

Fast Food Oreo Milk Shake?

Help! I tried the best oreo milkshake of my life on NYE but I forget what chain it was from! guess u could say I was a little impaired but it was so good need to know...
I think it might be Burger King... Do you guys know which chain has the BEST OREO MILKSHAKE ever??? I need a fix


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  1. Carl's Jr., or Hardee's depending on your geographic location.

      1. re: little audrey

        YES YES YES. Chick fil a shakes rock, ESPECIALLY the cookies & cream.

      2. Jack in the Box for me. they were covered in a thread a few months back

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        1. re: KaimukiMan

          Yup yup yup... and that Andes' shake is pretty awesome too.

        2. How about a Dairy Queen Blizzard?

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          1. re: mojoeater

            this is the one.

            there's also a local dairy cheer that mixes their blizzards by hand (they call them "flurries"), so the ice cream and oreos stay their own distinct entities. in a lot of machine-mixed oreo milkshake type treats, the little brown granules that break up into the ice cream and give it that flecked look don't do much for me. i want cool white vanilla ice cream and chunks of oreo, and consarnit, they deliver at the dairy cheer.

          2. Yikes! I try not to do fast food but found the Wendy's one while innocently sitting in the car in the drive thru with husband. I wish I did not have the knowledge now that other places have them. I bet Sonic has one.