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Jan 4, 2008 07:40 AM

restaurants to go to with an 8 month old?

well be in town for 6 days with our 8 month old....we are from nyc and she is used to going to and is very well behaved in restaurants. (if she did get fussy we;d remove her ) I know high end dinners are still out- right? how about lunchtime??? commanders brunch? one of john besh;s places? nyc mid-mid/higher end restaurants are used to having babies around so i think our perspective is skewed...whats it like in NOLA? please make any recommendations!

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  1. For typical New Orleans food, you can't go wrong with either of these casual places for lunch with the little one. Both are "don't miss" New Orleans icons. Reservations are not required.

    Liuzza’s. 3636 Bienville. 482-9120. Neighborhood Cafe.
    Mandina’s. 3800 Canal. 504-482-9179. Neighborhood Cafe. (cash only)

    1. My daughter is now 8, and I've been bringing her to NOLA since she was 7 months old. Given that your child is well behaved and that you sound like responsible parents, I think you could bring her most places, just as you do in NYC.

      Other than the fact that they do not accept reservations, I have found Dick & Jenny's to be a particularly good place for kids. The food is great, but it's more casual than the highest end places in town. And although your child is too young for it, they do have an excellent childrens menu, which demonstrates their tolerance for kids.

      But even at many of the higher end places -- Brigtsen's, Bayona, Stella, for example -- I'd be comfortable bringing a well behaved young child, particularly if you didn't mind dining on the early side.