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Jan 4, 2008 07:36 AM

PHX: Raw Olives

Does anybody know where I might be able to find raw, unprocessed olives in the Phoenix area? I tried the Queen Creek olive mill, but they indicated that they use all of their olives. I would be willing to pick them myself.

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  1. Lots of older parks and neighborhoods have olive groves...we have trees in our neighborhood on the parkways for instance. I know at the olive mill they've said they have people who go out to the parks and other public trees and collect olives then bring them for pressing(need to have a certain weight).

    When I lived in CA my mom would take us to a park not far from where we lived to harvest...then she'd cure herself.

    I think it's too late to harvest olives however? (usually late summer and early fall?)

    1. email me offlist.... i have an olive tree and do the same. the green are gone now, but i've got black.

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        email me off list also; i own a number of office buildings all over the valley and would gladly permit you to take olives from our trees.

      2. You can also purchase them on occasion at Giado's World Foods, SE corner of Dobson/Guadalupe.

        1. The original comment has been removed