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Jan 4, 2008 07:35 AM

Hot Dish Closed?

I heard a rumor that Hot Dish Restaurant in Ravenna just closed at the end of December. Can anyone verify or refute the rumor? I've got a breakfast date there tomorrow and would like to be able to change plans if it's true. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Here's their phone number and website...

    Also, just found this blog talking about the restaurant... which implies it is closed.

    However, I have no first hand knowledge and best to verify via another source.

    1. It looked very closed when I drove by this weekend. I'm not surprised - it was near empty at times you'd think it'd be packed (ie weekend breakfast).

      1. Phone's disconnected and there's paper on the windows. She's gone.

        It's a shame, because the food was pretty good. Don't really know why the place never caught on, though I suspect the uninviting space might have had something to do with it.

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          They certainly had some service issues. My husband went for breakfast one weekend morning when the Varsity was too packed and he didn't feel like waiting. He should have just stayed at the Varsity! He sat for over an hour waiting for breakfast and the place wasn't even busy, just a few people, waiting, waiting, waiting. The space definitely seems to be a restaurant black hole. I wonder what will surface next?

          1. re: Earl of Sandwich

            The food was not good enough.....basically they were 'pretenders' in my opinion. It's a great location and an opportunity for food people who fit and have flair.