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Jan 4, 2008 07:33 AM

Inter Steer on Roncesvalles?

Anyone eaten here since the new guy took over?
I searched around online for a menu or something but could only find this:

sounds promising but as always, i like to check here first :)

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  1. Hey Ive eaten there twice now and it was great. I had the veal chop both times and it was grilled to order with a great sauce. At 13.95 its one of the best deals in the city. The place doesn't have very many mains just the chop, a lamb shank at 9 bucks, fish and chips, perogies and those cigars and nothing on the menu is over 14 bucks.

    So i recommend it if your in the area.

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    1. re: Guitarhero666

      i went there this weekend for lunch. i had cabbage rolls, and my partner had the pork shnitzel sandwich. while tasty enough, we doubt we'll go back to eat (it could, however, be a good place for a beer in the evening). the cabbage rolls were bland - too much rice to meat in the mixture, and needed stronger seasoning. good size though. the pork schnitzel sandwich was made in the style of north american burger ie. dressed in lettuce, tomato, mayo and a pretty crappy burger bun. the bread was just wrong, a kaiser, or better yet, two pieces of good rye bread would be so much better.

      while the space looks good (lots of warm wood panelling), it was incredibly dark (we were there at 3), and lacked atmosphere. having read that same review in NOW, i was disappointed.

      1. re: Kasia

        As I understand, the lunch menu is the domain of the owner and the dinner menu the work
        of her nephew (ex Susur IIRC).

        1. re: Kasia

          The Pork Schnitzel sandwich at Mezzrow's on Queen West is great

      2. I just moved into the neighbourhood, and have been slowly making my rounds to the different noshes along Queen and up Roncy. Inter Steer has become one of my favourites when looking for a tasty casual dinner. They have great food and VERY reasonable prices. And their drinks are quite reasonable as well. While i agree that the cabbage rolls are not out of this world, I have enjoyed their veal chop, meat pelminis and pumpkin burger. All were quite good, especially when washed down with an ice cold Zywiec. I would definitely recommend this place.

        1. i went there last night for the first time. the decor is pretty nice but it is dark. i think there were about 4 beers on tap, most are in bottles with 2 polish bottled beers (zywiec and tyskie). My SO and i shared 3 plates: sticky fingers, poutine pierogi and cabbage rolls. the cabbage rolls were really disappointing. one order came with 3 halves of cabbage rolls (so 1.5 cabbage rolls) and the filling wasn't anything special. cafe polonez has better ones. the sticky fingers are exactly what the NOW magazine article described. they were pretty delicious. the poutine pierogi was not a traditional poutine with cheese curds, i think it was shredded mozzarella. the pierogi filling had meat in it and they were deep fried. the gravy was a bit on the cold side though.

          my SO is polish so he was weirded out by the "fusion" polish food. he enjoyed the sticky fingers though.

          cafe polonez is a regular dinner place for us and i think we'll stick to it. i usually order a schnitzel and my SO orders the hungarian pancake filled with beef stew. inter steer had some interesting dishes but it's more bar/pub food.

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          1. re: eaterjt

            what exactly are sticky fingers?
            what are the prices like? Is it all share plates or mains as well?

            1. re: hungryabbey

              sticky fingers are potato wedges topped with guacamole, sour cream, salsa, hot peppers and deep fried sliced kielbassa. it was $8 for a basket. there were about 2 big potatoes cut up into wedges for this basket.

              i ordered 3 plates with my SO since i wasn't sure how much food there was in a plate and i wanted to try a few things. all 3 plates were $8 each. there were probably 10 pierogi in the poutine pierogi and they were a decent size.

              there were schnitzel sandwiches on the menu too and go for about $8. i think there were mains like veal chops with salad for about $14. i saw this come out of the kitchen and the plate is massive and piled high.

              bottles of polish beer were $5.50. domestic and import bottles are definitely cheaper. pints range from $4.50 to $5.50. i think there were 4 beers on draft (cool, keith's, stella and one more).

              1. re: eaterjt

                hm sounds like good prices. thanks!