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Miracle Mile Restraunts

Does anyone know of a good restraunt or restraunts (any food style) in the Miracle Mile area? Looking for something smaller and more intimate. Thanks!

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  1. How about Opus, just a bit further east on Wilshire blvd...

    1. Sushi Eyaki in the strip mall at the corner of Highland and Wilshire..the one with the Starbucks and Numero Uno Pizza. It's very very small and very very good.

      1. How about Luna Park, on the corner of La Brea and Wilshire.

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          Luna Park has great food, but it can be really loud...

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            Agreed I love Luna Park but its better for group gatherings, not so much for intimate unless you get a booth/cabana thing.

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              For dinner - I agree Luna Park is very noisy and the tables are very close together. But it's quite nice for lunch.

              La Gondola is also a very nice little place, Wilshire just west of Crescent Heights. It's Kosher Italian/Steak. Great food & service. More upscale (like along the lines of Opus) than is typically found on Wilshire.

        2. I am still getting up to speed on my LA geography, so you all can tell me if I am off-base, but isn't Campanile in/near the Miracle Mile? (just a block or two from Luna Park mentioned in another post, so it must be?)..

          anyway, gives me an excuse to mention that I had a wonderful brunch there last time I was in town (month or so ago) with daughter and son in law. Not tiny, but the layout makes it seem intimate I think, and the brisket hash was delicious....


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            yes, it's Miracle Mile... a block or two away from Luna Park. Not exactly intimate, as the OP requested, but it has personality and manages to be both comfortable and classy.

          2. The Japanese place in the strip mall on the south side of Wilshire at San Vicente isn't bad. Sort of a poor-man's Ita-Cho, plus a sushi bar. Can't find it searching but I'm sure someone knows what it's called. Nothing outstanding but it's been consistently decent.

            Meals by Genet (Ethiopian) is on Fairfax just south of the Miracle Mile. Sort of intimate. Small at least.

            Pretty sparse options on Wilshire east of Fairfax, and all those stoplights are impossible if there's traffic...

            Anyone been to Ngoma (African, on Wilshire near Cochran) lately?

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              I haven't been to Ngoma since they opened, but I wasn't too impressed then. However, India's Tandoori just moved to Wilshire between Cochran and Dunsmuir. I really like their food. They will adjust the heat level to your taste as well as the oil level. I like mine with the least amount of oil or ghee possible. I've only ever had vegetarian food their but I love it.

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                The Japanese place is called Imai. I go there quite a bit and second the recommendation. It has a good happy hour, too, from 5:30-7:30 in the bar. Cheap beer, sake and some rolls.

              2. Rocco's pizza is really good. It's a bit west from fairfax. Also on the corner of Fairfax and Wilshire is a strip mall with a cafe whose name i can't remember but it's next to Wahoos and that cafe is pretty small and good. Not sure if you are looking for lunch options for work or a dinner out - but miracle mile is pretty bare as far as good food goes in my opinion.

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                  Is that Caffe Latte or something like that?

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                    Sounds like it, though it's actually on the corner of Crescent Heights & Wilshire, not Fairfax.

                2. Pastis-- Beverly and Cresent Heights, I think.

                  1. Amalfi on La Brea between 1st and Beverly is good Italian and has some intimate tables. There's also Sonora Cafe, which is moderately upscale Southwestern with a heavily seafood menu at La Brea and 2nd. For lunch or brunch I love Cafe Verona which is across the street from that.

                    1. tasca -- wine and pretty substantial tapas, in a small, dim, intimate, stylish setting. 3rd street around crescent heights, which i guess is technically a bit north of miracle mile, but it's worth going a few minutes out of the way.

                      Tasca Restaurant
                      8108 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

                      1. Ngoma's has very good roast goat and good spicy samosa like things. I like their greens too. They have this crawfish stew that is nice also, sort of tastes like a gumbo.

                        1. There is Tawanna Thai in the strip mall on the South-East corner of Wilshire and Crescent Heights. Its quite good for strip mall thai. Simple decor, classic menu. I eat there a lot (take out, I live in the area) and am always happy.

                          And be warned there is nothing even remotely passable about Life Restaurant on Wilshire just west of Cresent Heights. (on the north side of the street) The worst food imaginable. Seriously, just dreadful. I have been there at least six times (again, I live in the hood and kept wanting it to be good) and am more appalled every time. Don't let the look of the place fool you.

                          1. Chulada Grill on San Vicente (at Hauser) is good, inexpensive Mexican (with some Oaxacan dishes). It's more of an order at the counter taqueria, so I don't know if it's what the OP wants.