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Jan 4, 2008 07:10 AM

Martini shaker

I have a stinless steel martini shaker that I have not been able to open for a week now.... I made a matini for myseld one night, than walk away with my drink and left the shaker on the kitchen counter. Next morning, I went back to clean it up, and have not been able to open it since. So far I've tried soaking in cold water, hot water, freeze it than run under hot water, 2 grown men's hands. NOTHING WORKED! Can anyone help?

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  1. if you have a strap wrench or maybe even an oil filter tool, either should provide the leverage you need. the strap wrench is least likely to mar the surface.

    1. I had this happen recently, and nothing worked. It somehow appeared to become one piece. I just threw the thing out. $20 wasted, but at least I stopped trying to wrench it open before my carpal tunnel acted up.

      One thing that I did try, which did not work, but you did not mention, was wrapping the whole thing in a towel and hitting the top gently in a perpendicular motion with a rubber mallet. I could imagine it might work on some shakers, but it did not work on mine (or at least I wasn't about to hit it hard enough to dent it).

      1. This happened to me with one of my favorite shakers once. After trying all the things you mention in your post with no success, I gave it to one of my lab tech friends who proceeded to whack it with a rubber mallet. Darned if that didn't do the trick... ;-) Worth a try if your other option is to just replace the shaker...

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          So, did we just suggest to the OP that they should buy a rubber mallet if they don't have one (or can't borrow one), or spend the money on a new shaker ? :)

          1. re: RGC1982

            Or substitute a shoe for a rubber mallet, something with a sturdy heel. Necessity is the mother of invention!

            1. re: adventuresinbaking

              Or take it outside and whack it on your car tire.

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              You could probably find a rubber mallet at the dollar store. Also useful for other kitchen purposes like pounding out meat.

          2. That also happened often with my old shaker. I would grab some type of tool and bang the top off. It was such a pain in the a.. that I finally threw it out and bought a new one. My new one works great and I've never had a problem.

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            1. re: brandygirl

              I really dislike the martini shakers with the threaded tops. I can never get them off. I would just ditch the shaker and get a Boston shaker like most bartenders use.

            2. you might have to toss it. for your next shaker, just get a simple boston shaker and a pint glass.

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                Totally agree with this. I have a fancy shaker from Pottery Barn that is basically worthless unless you want to give yourself a stroke trying to get the lid off, while the contents splash everywhere (makes a nice decoration though). I use a basic stainless steel can and a pint glass. Get yourself a long bartenders spoon, a strainer, and you're all set.