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Apr 5, 2001 08:53 PM

High End Steakhouses

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I'm allowing myself one of those rare indulgence kind of thing this Sunday. I will be taking a friend and fellow steak-lover to what will hopefully be a nice steakhouse. One of those dry-aged, USDA prime kind of places with a few sinful choices of cuts seared to a medium rare perfection. I don't want to be so brash as to say money is no object, but I don't think two very high quality steaks for two petite people (at least for now) shouldn't be TOO bad on the my wallet, so cost isn't too much of a consideration.

As of now, I am thinking of Arnie Morton's, Nick & Stef's (which I've been to), or Celestino's Italian Steakhouse. I really like Nick & Stef's but I think I'd like to try a Piedmontese meal at Celestino's. Which of the three is the better choice? Or can anyone think of some better steak restaurants?

I've been to 555 East, Arroyo Chophouse, and Ruth's Chris, and I don't feel like going back. At that price range, I didn't feel like I missed anything after going once.

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    More of everything...

    I've been to Arnie Morton's, The Palm, Musso & Frank's, and Nick & Steff's, and my carnivorous taste buds tell me that the Morton's on La Cienega is the best of those for a NY steak. Plus you start off the meal with one of those tasty beefsteak tomatoes, and that's my idea of good eating.

    The Palm's porterhouse ain't bad either.

    I'm curious to hear what others have to say about Celestino's steaks.

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      Does anyone have comments about Dan Tana's?

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        dan tana's has excellent steaks. if you go there don't order anything except the steaks. but the steaks are extremely pricey( i think its about 40 bucks for a 16 ozer or around that). and they have great garlic bread. and their tiramisu aint bad at all. the only thing that it is sorely missing is the steakhouse atmosphere if that is what your looking for. but if you go for the steaks you won't be disappointed, just don't try any of their pastas, which are actually even worse than the olive garden.

        1. re: kevin

          Dan Tana's has the best steaks in town. As for the atmosphere, it's kind of New York gruff, "don't waste my time, and I'll take good care of you", and I prefer that to "My name is Lance and I'll be your server this evening". Sit in the room to the left with the bar and chow down. The martini's rock as well.

          1. re: Chris

            As I recall, DanTana has only 2 steaks on the menu. One big New York (The Dabney Coleman), and a smaller one. Would prefer a wider selection of cuts. Was good, though.

            On the general subject of steaks, I can't say anyplace in L.A. has been as satisfying as either Gallaghers or Smith and Wollensky in Vegas, or LGs in Palm Springs. The closest (and i've been to Nick and Steff, Pacific Dining Car and othes) . . . The Palm.

      2. re: More of everything...

        I know this dosen't help anyone, but I've been to a quite a few steakhouses around LA, the best I've ever had was a delicious ribeye with carmelized onions from the Delmontico Steakhouse in Las Vegas. Yum!

      3. r
        Ronald Young

        Although not a steakhouse, Campanile on La Brea serves a very good steak along with some of the best food and creative cooking in town.

        1. c
          Caitlin Wheeler

          My family frequents Monty's, on the corner of California and Fair Oaks in Pasadena. I don't know if it is exactly what you're looking for (not really high end) but it has a lovely, old-fashioned steakhouse feel (60 year old waitresses, booths, dim lighting), really good steaks, reasonable prices ($20-$25 for steak, soup or salad, and baked potato or fries), and an excellent garlic sour cream for bread and baked potatoes. My father goes there at least every other week, and he's as carnivorous as they come.

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          1. re: Caitlin Wheeler

            An underrated competitor. If you try to calculate price-to-value ratios (an unfashionable way to rate restaurants at the moment) it beats the pants off Arroyo Chophouse, Nick and Steph's, and Arnie Morton's.

          2. I've been to so many Steakhouses in the country. There are only four or five outstanding Steakhouses and none of them are in LA. One is Peter Luger in Brooklyn, New York City, Another one is in Minnessota, I think it's called Manny's, then Gibson's in Chicago, one in Texas, and the last one is Charlie Palmer's Steakhouse in Las Vegas, it's not that far from LA right ?

            Don't try Prime or DelMonico, they are one notch down except for the place and ambience.

            1. I agree with one of the other posters-campanile on la brea has as a constant on their menu a giant porterhouse dry aged on the premises served with (usually) creamed spinach and frites, and also a similarly dry aged ribeye with tapenade, bitter greens, flageolet beans, and red wine sauce. Both of these dishes are exceptional, as are the sides and apps that Mr. Peel and co. put out nightly.

              I'm suprised that no one else mentioned this one yet but the Pacific Dining Car serves up some sumptuous steaks in a classic steakhouse setting. I've had good luck at Musso & Franks as well, although maybe as a result of all the pre-dinner martinis (who can resist a martini at Musso and Franks?!?!).

              Lastly, as an alternative you could call up matsuhisa and ask them to put together a kobe beef dinner (if you've never had kobe beef, I would highly recommend this option).

              From my experience I would avoid nick & stefs-I think it to be highly over-rated. (thats just me) Celestino's sounds good and I've heard many good things, but can not vouch for it from experience (been meaning to get in there for some time . . .)

              All of the above options could get a bit(!) pricey, so beware.

              Good luck and let us know how it goes!

              peace and grub

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              1. re: JustinRush

                I agree totally with your perceptive assessment of the overrated status of Nick and Steph's. Save your money and go to the Sizzler (though I have to admit the sauces are great - if they only served them as appropriately priced entrees).