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Jan 4, 2008 07:09 AM

Heading to Charleston

I'm heading to Charleston next week for four nights. Here is a list of some of the places I'm thinking about eating. What am I missing? What should I forget? As you can see from my list, I'm more interested in casual than fine dining. I'm looking for local flavor (not ethnic cuisines that I can get in Philly, where I live). I'll have a car for a day or two so I can head out of town if need be. I've also noticed that many places aren't open on Sundays, so I'll need a Sunday plan. Thanks!

High Cotton
The Wreck
Hominy Grill
Boulevard Dinner
Reds at Shem Creek
AW Shucks
Jestine's --despite what people say.

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  1. My trips to Kiawah Island Resort always included dinners in Charleston at:

    SNOB Slightly North of Broad

    Recommended dishes:

    SNOB......Maverick Grits

    Magnolia's........Filet of Beef Tenderloin with Blue Cheese Gravy

    1. Local here, avoid Hymans despite what the polls say in magazines. While some folks way up the coast have had disparaging remarks about Gilligans, for fresh local caught shrimp, it is the best. For chic dining, we favor Tristan. For downhome island cooking try the brunch buffet at Gullah Cuisine in Mt. Pleasant on Sunday

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        Thanks, mom. Yes, Gullah is also on my list. Don't worry, I will not go to Hyman's.

      2. I'd go to Hymans before I would go to AW Shucks. Cross that one off your list.

        Don't miss Fig, especially if you want local ingredients and good fish.

        I don't know about the Charleston branch, but High Cotton in Greenville is mediocre but expensive.

        1. Definitely don't go to AW Shucks OR Hyman's! High Cotton is considered excellent by many people, but I have never particularly enjoyed it - just a personal preference. On Sundays, many places have brunch - Rue de Jean, The Boathouse, Fat Hen, etc.

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          1. re: RDfoodie

            consider them crossed out. thanks

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              one more thing...your picks The Wreck and Hanks - both awesome for seafood! Last time I went (it's been awhile) to the wreck it was cash only...just something to consider

          2. I have Sunday Brunch at Jestines just about every other week and have been eating there since they opened. I think that it is excellent. The meatloaf and coca-cola cake are my favorites along with the fried chicken.