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Jan 4, 2008 06:21 AM

what's up with providence's chinese take out?

ive ordered take out from a few places around the east side/oakville area and have been vastly disappointed by the fried rice. i'm used to chinese take out in ct where the fried rice is yellow, fluffy, and the onions/veggies are still distinguishable. the fried rice i've encountered so far in providence has been brown, mushy, loaded with soy sauce, and the veggies are limp. is this a regional thing for rhode island or have i just been unlucky with my choice of chinese restaurants?

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  1. I don't like the dark fried rice either. I like Shanghai on Thayer (though their rice is not what you're looking for---everything else is mostly very good there). It's not Chinatown, but it's good, and there's kind of a lack of authentic Chinese food around here. I say it's because we don't have enough of a Chinese population to create demand for the real thing.

    You must mean Oak Hill, and I have never had the Chinese in the plaza, but I'm afraid of it and fear that it sucks.

    The best Chinese that I have ever had, in several different places, has been in Chicago. One in the city, one in a suburb that was Korean-American heavy. I've never had anything like it around here.

    1. I can't speak for the exact type of rice you're looking for, but unless you've checked all of the following in the region (you're right that the East Side is grim), you haven't exhausted your options Chinese-wise yet:

      Mumu: Federal Hill, Atwell's Ave, Providence
      Little Chopsticks: Smith Street, Providence
      Iron Wok: Seekonk, MA
      Lucky Garden: North Providence
      Red Ginger: Johnston, RI

      Also, try the Thai fried rices that places like Sawaddee on Hope or Angkor on Wickenden will have. I've come to prefer Thai restaurant formulations of fried rice to Chinese places.

      - Garris

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        thanks for the suggestions! i do love lucky garden for dim sum.... sooo good. i ahvent had their entrees but they seem to serve really quality stuff. are the places you listed all sit down places? do you know if any deliver?

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          Mumu and Little Chopsticks might deliver to the East Side. I'd call them and check...

          - Garris

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            Hi Sprinklez,
            I can tell you that Little Chopsticks definitely delivers and their fried rice is not the dark stuff of your nightmares!
            Shanghai delivers too, and while their food is quite insipid, it is also very fresh and not bad overall even though it's hardly authentic. Their fried rice is pretty light and pretty good.
            Mumu delivers until 7pm - can't comment on their fried rice. I only had delivery from them once and was not impressed. Everything seemed to have too much cornstarch - too gloppy, you know? Would give it another try though, preferably in person as I've heard much good about their hot pots.

            Red Ginger delivers too as far as I know. I used to live right down the street from them and get takeout all the time. Very nice people, and once they know you want authentic they will give it to you! This is a place which, like Lucky Garden, has a separate "Chinese" menu if you ask.

            Haven't yet tried Iron Wok, though I am working up to it!

            Right now Little Chopsticks is my favorite for delivery. They have this hot oil that you can ask for which is awesome, and their hot mustard is very pungent too.
            They are very quick with deliveries, and their food has good flavor - better than Shanghai.

            I agree though, Chinese in general is pretty lacking in these parts. It becomes a game of fumbling through the upper echelons of mediocrity, in the poetic words of Emily Saliers.

            Good luck!