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Jan 4, 2008 05:34 AM

Downtown Hartford for lunch on Sunday??

I'll be downtown on Sunday afternoon and was hoping to eat lunch within walking distance of the XL Center, but it seems that most places open at 4:00 for dinner. Can anyone recommend a place that might be open at 12:00? Any cuisine will do!

Thanks Hounds!

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  1. Directly across the street from the Civic center on Trumbull St (corner of Pratt) is The Russell...they serve a Sunday brunch..

    1. It's a barren landscape on a Sunday afternoon...some of the hotles will be open but everything else shuts down...

      1. Try Mayor Mikes. They always seem to be open and serving food. Italian and pub fare.

        1. Vaughn's on Pratt Street is the clear choice for Sunday afternoons in Hartford. Good pub food. I think apps may be 1/2 price. Just a 1/2 block from the XLCC.

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            Good call on Vaughn's....I was just there last night enjoying a Guinness :-) I forgot to ask them if they were open on Sunday. Thanks!

          2. McKinnon's is always open on Sundays (corner of Trumbull & Asylum, right across from the CC). But you are right, very few restaurants are open on Sundays, even when there is a big event like the daytime UConn games, daytime hockey or even a parade (Vets Day Parade is always on a Sunday). There just aren't enough people downtown on a Sunday (yet).