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Jan 4, 2008 05:27 AM

Need a Sushi/Hibachi suggestion Times Square

Taking an out of town friend and kids to dinner this evening. I am at a loss for a restaurant thta would serve hibachi style quality food along with sushi that would keep adults and kids happy...An upscale there such an animal?

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  1. well, there's actual benihana up in the mid 50s. more than one i think, although i know for sure on w 56th. not too far from times sq, but not super close. i don't think a hibachi place other than that exists that's a nice place in the city. gyu kaku is a fairly nice korean bbq/yakiniku type place and I think there's one in the 50s. sushi isn't hard to find, but can be pricy and not sure how kids would fly in some of the nicer places. gyu kaku would work with kids for sure and they might get a kick out of helping cook the food themselves. if you're thinking times sq and have kids in tow, why not one of the theme restaurants? would be ok for out of towners i think, although nycers avoid them like the plague if they can i suppose. ruby foo's is at least asian and they even have a kids menu with stuff like grilled cheese if the kids don't want to eat what the adults are.

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      Theres Korea Town on like 34th and Broadway. They have tons of Korean BBQ places, and it might especially be nice to walk around with the kids and find a place.

    2. Try the Japanese yakiniku place, GyuKaku, on cooper square by astor place. Pretty extensive menu, and a fun place to eat with family/kids since you can cook your own meat to your liking. There are tons of other yakiniku places by St. Marks but Gyu's pretty big, and nice decor for sure!

      Benihana's the actual hibachi but the food is never that tasty.

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        Right, but as mentioned in posters request for near times square, and as mentioned above, there is one in midtown that is just the same. 805 3rd Ave., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10022.

      2. Check out Bann, 350 W. 50th (between 8&9th in the worldwide plaza). It's "upscale" Korean/Asian fusion and you can grill chicken, beef, shrimp, etc right at your table. It's not authentic Korean but I've always been pleased with the food:

        1. My kids-- 6 and 8-- really like Bann. DO NOT go to Benihana-- even when he was 3 my son pronounced it yucky.

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            madisoneats is correct. don't take my mention of the benihana location as anything more than referring back to the op's mention. the food is laughable and that's being generous. gyu kaku isn't bad, and will work for kids 100%. as for the bann and koreatown recs, bann is not authentic, but with kids, taste is more important than authenticity i think. koreatown is more authentic and definitely more affordable. lots of tasty options, but some places may work better with kids in tow. kum gang san is a pretty nice place with lots of room and i've seen kids in there. not my favorite bbq on the block, but would work for the op's situation i think.