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Apr 4, 2001 12:37 AM

Great Greek

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I’m sure many of you know of C&K Importing on Pico & Normandy but if you haven’t you should check it out great cheap Greek food at it’s café Papa Cristos. Be sure to get extra Tzatziki, I’d say get the appetizer and take the leftovers home with some Greek pita. Trust me you’ll be happy once you’re not so full! I always get the Gyro but every thing looks great (I really want to try the grilled octopus).

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  1. One of the best values in the city. Great place!

    1. r
      Ronald Young

      I like to get the rack of lamb which seems like such a bargain - and it is - but it's not the same as something you would get a high end restaurant.

      1. Melissa, I hope you've gotten over the Papa Cristos for their grilled octopus (oktopodakia?). It is so killer!

        1. Had a lot of fun at Papa Cristos but thought the food was barely mediocre. Ulysses Voyage at The Farmer's Market has much better food. Actually it's between The Farmer's Market and The Grove. Very fresh and tasty.