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Jan 4, 2008 05:17 AM

MSP-Happy Hours and Specials for the cash strapped

I think it would be helpful for people to post specials at the "better" restaurants. I forgot most of them but wasn't there a weekday special at Al Vento for a discounted bottle of wine and entree. Or how about happy hour specials? Didn't Mission have some special's. I also remember our waiter at JP's saying that the happy hour tuna special was a great deal. Anyone have any input?

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  1. I think that Ike's does something fun. Don't know if it's considered a "better" restaurant, though. We enjoyed it!

    1. is a good place to start.

      Nami and Koyi downtown have good drink/sushi specials.

      1. For those who are brave enough to venture across the river to St. Paul - or better yet for those who live in St. Paul - il VescoVino on Selby (just east of dale) has a great HH. "Quartinos" of wine (they don't do glass's...they do 1/3rds of bottles...great for us wine lovers) for $5, plus a bunch of their apps are reduced price. The only draw back I see is that the three times I have been in for HH it has been me and like 15 other night there was not even a man in sight (except for the cute, but very young, bartender).

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          Note to self...Il Vesco Vino to meet women @ Happy Hour.

          1. Morton's has a steak sandwich happy hour special (I think on Tuesdays). I've also loved the bar food buffet at Drink downtown on Thursdays.