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MSP-Happy Hours and Specials for the cash strapped

I think it would be helpful for people to post specials at the "better" restaurants. I forgot most of them but wasn't there a weekday special at Al Vento for a discounted bottle of wine and entree. Or how about happy hour specials? Didn't Mission have some special's. I also remember our waiter at JP's saying that the happy hour tuna special was a great deal. Anyone have any input?

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  1. I think that Ike's does something fun. Don't know if it's considered a "better" restaurant, though. We enjoyed it!

    1. www.thriftyhipster.com is a good place to start.

      Nami and Koyi downtown have good drink/sushi specials.

      1. For those who are brave enough to venture across the river to St. Paul - or better yet for those who live in St. Paul - il VescoVino on Selby (just east of dale) has a great HH. "Quartinos" of wine (they don't do glass's...they do 1/3rds of bottles...great for us wine lovers) for $5, plus a bunch of their apps are reduced price. The only draw back I see is that the three times I have been in for HH it has been me and like 15 other women...one night there was not even a man in sight (except for the cute, but very young, bartender).

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          Note to self...Il Vesco Vino to meet women @ Happy Hour.

          1. Morton's has a steak sandwich happy hour special (I think on Tuesdays). I've also loved the bar food buffet at Drink downtown on Thursdays.

            1. Not sure about drinks, but the food specials @ SAFFRON are fantastic. Five or six of their Mezze (smallish plates) go for $3.50 each during HH. It's my new #1 choice for HH entertaining.

              McCormick & Schmick also have about 6 different items for ~$2, but they aren't nearly as good as Saffron's.

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                Great suggestion...Didn't mission used to have good happy hour specials? Do they still?

              2. what about figlio's $2 deals? little pizzas, house wine, and beer for $2 each? how bad to they suck?... goes all day sunday, and till 7 every other day! (even sat)

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                  actually, figlio changed their sunday happy hour to end at 7 now. no longer all day on sunday (they changed that a couple months ago). but really their happy hour is pretty much all the time.

                  their happy hour food is decent, the wine is subpar but drinkable, but their tap beer selections are pretty good. i only go there during happy hour because i can't stand the rest of their menu.

                  Rossi's downtown has a pretty good 2-4-1 happy hour and apparently their $3 cheeseburger is out of this world (have yet to try it).

                  i was going to recommend looking on thriftyhipster.com or mplshappyhour.com but someone already mentioned it :)

                  Sushi Tango in uptown has some pretty good food and drink specials (http://www.sushitango.com) and of course my favorite place Cafe Barbette (http://www.barbette.com) has HH 3-6 M-F with wine and beer specials and some really great food specials (the enormous plate of half-order fries are to die for).

                2. Second on McCormick and Schmick's small plates. Always hated Figlio -- one of those places that will have specials on "domestic beers" yet somehow Summit doesn't fall under domestic.

                  1. A little while ago, I wrote about jP's awesome happy hour. Here's a link to that board:

                    Also, Al Vento has 1/2 price bottles of Wine all day Sunday and Monday, as well as every day from 4:30 to 5:30.

                    Another great deal is Stella's hh. B1G1 drinks & 1/2 price apps until 6 (I think). The walleye fingers are nearly a meal in themselves. Free seafood buffet on Fridays (usually with shrimp and ceviche) and $1 oysters. Fridays the bar are gets packed, so if you'd like a seat get there before 5.

                    1. Kincaids and Pazzaluna both have good happy hours with special prices on appetizers and pizza respectively. Kincaids has one later in the evening too, which is great after a performance at the Ordway.

                      1. Masa has a decent happy hour from 4-6 weekdays. Half price margaritas, wine, and beer, and a handful of appetizers under $5. The tacos are pretty good, and they're only $1.50/each. They come with two tortillas so if you scrape half of the filling onto the second tortilla, you could technically say you're getting them for $0.75 each :) Yes, I am a former grad student.

                        1. Independent in uptown, Temple in downtown mpls, Palomino in downtown mpls.

                          You can also try: www.suddendeals.com