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Jan 4, 2008 05:11 AM

Kinara - Fort Greene or PS?

I have a craving for Indian tonight and don't want to venture far outside of my hood. I've checked a bunch of threads here and Kinara seems to be at least decent. I live closer to the FG location but haven't heard any reports. Is this still open and is it any good? Or should I travel to the PS location?

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  1. The FG location is still open and quite good.
    I only ever get delivery though, so I'm not sure about how they are for dining in the restaurant.

    1. We ordered delivery from the Ft. Greene (Myrtle Ave & Adelphi) Kinara last night and the food was really delicious. Fresh, complex flavors, not at all greasy. We got the prix fixe dinners for $11.95 each -- a bargain! My SO got fish pakora for an appetizer and lamb with spinach for entree; I had lamb kebabs for appetizer and the okra for main dish. We really liked everything, and the okra in particular was wonderful. All the sides -- naan, rice, chutneys -- were fine. I'll definitely order from them again.

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        we order from PS sometimes. it's average at best, but we keep ordering mainly because it's all we got.

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          What a shame TBird. They've got some really good cookin' going on in FG recently! My friend ordered the shrimp curry there one time and it was incredible, had a sort of celery-ish, coconut flavor with lots of complex spicing. I had always been too afraid to order seafood from there and was shocked at how good it was.

          I still always go for the $11.95 special because it's such an unbeatable deal.

        2. I order from the Ft. Greene location frequently. The chana saag and malai kofta are sure bets. The samosas are really excellent - not too doughy, spiced well.