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Jan 4, 2008 05:05 AM

Indian/Srilankan grocery stores in Ajax,Whitby

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but Iam desperate. I googled, searched on the indian, Srilankan webistes but no results. I have to go to Scarborough to get groceries. Iam not looking for either the place to be cheap or bigger. Just some place nearer to home where I can buy Methi or Mustard or some vegetable if I have to.

Iam aware of this one, but they dont carry most indian spices.
Alhamzah Grocers & Halal Meat
32 Church Street South, Ajax, ON L1S 6B3
(905) 683-6309

Any suggestions??? Help would be much appreciated.

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  1. I am not sure if this place has everything you need, but if you are in the neighbourhood it is worth a peek. T Phat on Kingston Rd just east of the Pickering Town Centre( the old Knob Hill building) has a lot of selection and they are open everyday of the year (even Xmas). I do not know how to cook indian food though so I am not sure if the ingredients you mentioned are offered there. I did see a whole section devoted to south east asian staples though.

    1. There is a place in the strip mall on Harwood, just south of the 401 (Harwood & Achilles) they have veg & canned goods. Not sure of the name, but it on the North side of the strip near the Mahal restaurant and a bunch of west indies hair places.
      Also in Pickering there is Sadrooson Kingston Rd just east of Brock... right beside the Mandarin restaurant.

      1. If you know where the mandarin in pickering is there is an indian grocery store right beside it, it has a variety of stuff.. Check it out, it's at kingston rd and brock, the plaza there. Think it's called universal grocers.

        Do check it out if you can, I go there for henna, and spices, and stuff.. they're great.

        1. Madina supermarket and Halal meat
          72 Harwood Ave south, Ajax L1S 2H6
          905 686 1500

          1. Just bumping this thread to find out whether there's anything new to report beyond Alhamzah & Madina in the Durham Region? I'm particularly interested in Indian spices, breads and groceries.