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Jan 4, 2008 05:01 AM

economical to moderately priced restaurants at Whistler

Besides Ciao Thyme, what other restaurants would your recommend at Whistler that would have starters in the $5- $15 range, and mains for under $25?

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    1. We often eat fairly economically at Elements, which is a tapas bar; it's not the most amazing tapas, but yummy and the atmosphere is nice.

      1. Along the same lines as Elements (both are part of the Wildwood restaurants), the Bistro at the Tennis club is nice too. Breaky is great (and affordable) and friends returned for dinner and had a really nice meal.

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        1. re: cassie

          Sushi Ya
          Samuri Sushi
          Alpine Cafe (alpine market)
          Portobello (best lunch combo in the village)
          Amami Chinese

        2. the Tapas and breakfast at Elements is pretty good, but the service is not.