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Apr 3, 2001 07:11 PM

The All American Thai Burger

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Hi, Hounds. Although I'm a longtime chowhound voyeur, this is the first time I've dared post my own comments. And to think my first entry would place me into the heat of the burger wars! Oh well, here I go...

I live in Silverlake -- Trader Joes adjacent -- and had been hearing for months about the burgers at the Thai American Express on Rowena. Despite my respect for my friends' opinions, scepticism kept me away (I've had some of Thai American's Thai dishes delivered to my door in the past and they are thoughoughly medicocre when compared to the many Thai delights to be found on this side of town) until the other night when hunger and lingering curiosity got the better of me. Well, I don't know about the best burger in L.A. but Thai American Express must have the best Thai burger in Silverlake! It's big and thick and properly cooked. (I ordered mine med rare and it came still pink on the inside but not so rare as to make me think of mad cows...) Even better, the burger comes piled with a generous if eccentric selection of goodies, including bacon, mushroom, and a totally inspired kind of pepper-encrusted grilled onion that I would happily order as a dish unto itself. Along with his or her burger, the Thai American customer gets either soup or salad; I chose the salad which was a nice Thai American hybrid with a tangy dressing and plenty of cilantro. So, if you're in the hood, and maybe even if you're not, check it out!

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  1. They're good, too. Hand cut. Golden brown. Maybe a little limp. But delicious.

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      jpat hammond

      Rafi, A terrific debut! No doubt many Los Angelenos will be glad you came in from the cold! pat

      1. d
        Dave Feldman

        Welcome to Chowhound, Rafi. Your first post was a keeper. Next time I'm in L.A...........

        Those onions sound great.

        1. Just wondering: Does the beef(?) have certain additions or seasonings that make it Thai? Or is it simply a version of burger on the menu to satisfy some Gringo cravings. Sounds good.

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          1. re: Heidi

            Gringo cravings it is. Still, not quite like any gringo burger I've tried before...

            1. re: Rafi Simon
              Mohamud Sulayman

              What exactly makes it different then? You had my mouth all watered for some god-awful concoction of green curry paste and bean sprouts atop that burger, but it now sounds like just a plain old burger.

          2. My brother, who lives in the nabe, has been raving about these burgers for a while. I don't get back to LA very often, and when I do, I'm usually directed towards Tommy's burgers out of pure nostalgia. I suppose I was also a bit skeptical about a burger from a thai place, but then again, ethnic-run burger joints in LA has been the bastion of fusion cuisine for more than a generation. Why not a Thai place? Thanks to your post and my brother's insistence, my interest is thoroughly piqued, and I'll stop by next month when I'm in LA.