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Jan 4, 2008 04:02 AM

Periyali vs. Pylos or other?

Looking for a nice Greek dinner spot in Manhattan, nice decor, great food, great desserts.. He's a chef, want to impress.. Alcohol license preferred..

Periyali and Pylos seem to fit the bill best..

Any suggestions?

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  1. Periyali was definitely cute, but not as great and intimate of an ambiance as Pylos, and definitely not as creative of food.

    1. Pylos is very good, and I really like the decor. Haven't been to Periyali.

      1. Going to Periyali on the 20th and have been many times. We go to Pylos regularly and just went about a week ago. Both are very good, consistent Greek restaurants. Pylos is relatively new, Periyali has been around a long time. Periyali is larger, lighter and a bit more formal. I respectfully disagree with doona that it's "cute." Pylos is more lively and casual, darker, and in the EV. I like the grilled octopus at Periyali much better than at Pylos (the balsamic vinegar doesn't work for me). Pylos has a hard to find wine we love, Anny's Animus. Pylos has a haleumi dish with roasted grapes and pignolia that we like. Avoid the three cheeses in a clay pot (the "I would eat it in an alley" rave on is not warranted). We have eaten almost everything on the menu at Pylos. I would not classify Pylos' food as overly creative, several of the dishes are easy to make at home if you can cook (haleumi with roasted grapes and pine nuts, grilled fish, red pepper stuffed with cheese and served cold, etc.). Pylos might be more interesting to a chef than Periyali. I read a recent post that reminded hounds Pylos only serves wine and beer. Heads-up if that is an issue for you. Also note that we were advised on our recent visit to Pylos that they have made some changes to the menu. I forgot what they are but our server explained them to us at length. You might want to do a search of this site on Pylos and Greek, there have been many recent threads and other hounds opinions.

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          melodyt1313, does it have to be Greek? There are so many more interesting "other" options . . .

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            thanks for the great info. Pylos sounds great but he has to have his martinis.. so unfortunately it's out for us, so we'll give Periyali a whirl.. Sounds like I can't go wrong with either. Has anyone tried the mousaka at periyali or the desserts?

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              Why not have drinks somewhere else first? I've had the dessert at Pylos and Periyali. Pretty traditional. I don't eat red meat so defer to other hounds regarding moussaka.

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            edit: I think I got the name of the wine wrong - it's Anny's ?

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              Another very good dinner at Periyali with a very special SO. Champagne to celebrate. Grilled red wine marinated octopus and grilled oyster mushrooms for appetizers. Grilled branzino (special) to share. All delicious and cooked perfectly. Greek coffee. Complimentary after dinner drink. Atmosphere was lovely and service was excellent. Always consistent and delicious food.

              melodyt1313 how was your experience at Pylos?

            2. Skip both of them and go to Molyvos.

              1. One other thought on Pylos - Diane Kochilas is a consultant to the restaurant and has written several books including The Glorious Foods of Greece and Meze.

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                  I convinced him to have pre-dinner cocktails and go to Pylos and enjoy beer. I'll report back. Thanks all..